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James Buckingham

Blended Learning Quality - 2 views

    An ambitious project being funded by the EU (EU project number 539717-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) that is designed to "develop an appropriate quality framework as well as tools to evaluate the quality of Blended Learning." Will be interested to monitor how they come to resolve some of the issues pointed out in the Blendkit2016 material.
    Interesting! I was a bit taken aback by the lack of concrete ways to assess online courses from the readings, so this is helpful!

Example of Students Designing Content in Blended Courses - 18 views

Love it! Thank you for sharing! I'm not sure it would fly at my institution, but I would love to try.

blended learning blendkit2016


Assessing Pilot Blended Learning Programs - 8 views

    I found this article from the Journal of Asynchronous Learning to be an interesting assessment of the effectiveness of blended courses in a specific university. I particularly like the research methodology and the way in which assessment incorporated student and instructor feedback.
    Thank you for sharing!! It is a very useful article to complete the Blendkit readings!

BlendKit Course: BlendKit Reader: Chapter 2 | Blended Learning Toolkit - 5 views

  • High impact activities increase learner engagement and result in greater success in learning.
    • Robin Thompson
      What are high impact activities?
    • dr_bzen
      In my reading of this sentence, these activities are related to collaborative learning situations.
  • link the best technological solutions for teaching and learning with the best human resources…. encourag[ing] the development of highly interactive and collaborative activities that can be accomplished only by a faculty member in a mediated setting.
  • e second relates to the rapid decentralization and distribution of most of society’s channels of communication – newspapers, television, radio, and, more recently, academic publishing – and raises concerns of how learners are to make sense of information in a field that is fragmented and distributed, rather than well organized and coherent (such as information found in a traditional textbook).
    • Robin Thompson
      Very valid concern!
    • dr_bzen
      I have been working on creating a feedly site where students are directed to go for information.
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • Students are able to read each other’s work and gain insight from both instructor and their fellow students.
    • Robin Thompson
      This is what we are doing in our discussion posts for this course.  
    • dr_bzen
      So very true! Its interesting the anxiety I feel when I read this model. Even with my desire to turn this learning over to students, a part of me wants to hold onto control.
  • only asynchronous forms of communication can cause students, and even instructors, to feel disconnected
  • Blended learning, in all its various representations, has as its fundamental premise a simple idea: link the best technological solutions for teaching and learning with the best human resources…. encourag[ing] the development of highly interactive and collaborative activities that can be accomplished only by a faculty member in a mediated setting. (p. 332)
    • dr_bzen
      I've seen this dynamic happen in my classes when I don't give enough structure to an activity.
  • disruptive strategies
    • dr_bzen
      What does this mean in this context?
  • often fall into conflict on principles of minimal or guided instruction and instructivism or constructivism
  • Atelier Learning
  • Helping students to gain the skills they require to construct these networks for learning, evaluating their effectiveness, and working within a fluid structure is a massive change in how the dynamics of classrooms are usually structured.
  • Curtis Bonk (2007) presents a model where the educator is a concierge directing learners to resources or learning opportunities that they may not be aware of. The concierge serves to provide a form of soft guidance – at times incorporating traditional lectures and in other instances permitting learners to explore on their own. Bonk states:
    • dr_bzen
      This is the model I see myself gravitating toward -- though without knowing it was actually a model. I wonder what about my background learning/teaching has drawn me to see this as a way of doing blended learning.
  • While learners are free to explore, they encounter displays, concepts, and artifacts representative of the discipline. Their freedom to explore is unbounded. But when they engage with subject matter, the key concepts of a discipline are transparently reflected through the curatorial actions of the teacher.
    • dr_bzen
      Is the difference between this and concierge that the instructor sets up the frame in which the learning happens?
  • media to articulate ideas or thoughts”
  • When you design your own online course environment, keep interaction in the front of your mind.
  • Create a threaded discussion or wiki assignment,  asking students to review the syllabus and then to write one or two things that they would like to get out of the course, how the material could be made more meaningful to them or for their goals, and even their preliminary opinions about some of the main course themes or topics.
  • Again, it will not require a huge effort to create one general threaded discussion to let students tell you about the applicability of the materials to their lives or studies or to express their opinions about different aspects of the content itself.
  • The assignment can also enable other student techno expressions, such as photos, brief descriptions of where they are from, or even a sense of “in the moment” place (e.g., “From my computer, I can see the pine tree in my yard through the San Francisco fog each morning”).
  • The first classroom meeting is face-to-face. At this meeting, we ask students to use pastel pencils and construction paper to draw a symbolic representation of how they see the educational process.
  • If you have a choice, we recommend designing a hybrid course over a fully online course. 
  • There are a number of potential audiences to whom students could express themselves: to the instructor, to an expert in the field, to a small group of peers, to the entire class, to prospective employers, and to the public.
  • A special education credential  student writing a reflective weblog entry about a classroom observation only for the supervising faculty member might use different language than for the public at large. These types of experiences will prepare the students not only for future coursework but also for job interviews.
  • VODcasts
  • Before, the assignment, write clear instructions, including information about your policies on academic integrity and plagiarism. Provide examples of prior students’ work.
  • If this is the first group to do this type of assignment, go through the assignment yourself to create a model of what you consider to be good work. Let students know what could happen to their work if someone else were able to change it.
    I had the same thing happen to me: I was using a model without knowing it was a model! I'm glad I now have vocabulary to describe my work in the classroom.

Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic - - 7 views

    rather simplified, but it could be of any help
    Thank you! I wonder if it would be a useful material to share with students to discuss how the class is organized/evaluated and have them make decisions about their own learning trajectory?
Shirley Sinacore

Hybrid Course Development - Texas State - 5 views

This is another "road map" to creating a blended/hybrid course. It provides an approach to creating the course. It is somewhat similar to the BlendKit2016 course.


started by Shirley Sinacore on 04 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
James Buckingham

Blended Learning Quality - 1 views

    Quality is defined by the ISO organization and can be seen as "... the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs". The transfer from production to teaching and learning is not so easy because you have to define the product or service. The blog set up to support the EU Project on Quality in Blended Learning

Efficiency versus Quality in Online Course Design - 30 views

This is extremely topical as an institution in my state (Colorado) just got placed on prohibition with the Higher Learning Commission because the quality of their online programs were problematic. ...

Kelvin Thompson

Georgetown Degree Program Moves from Online to Blended -- Campus Technology - 8 views

    Article on interesting models for blended learning at Georgetown.
Shirley Sinacore

OER Material - - 0 views

I have been perusing the web looking at the available material that is already created to use in my classes. The OER Commons has a huge amount of material.


started by Shirley Sinacore on 18 Mar 16 no follow-up yet

Writing Effective Instructions - 1 views

    This cute video uses Legos to demonstrate the critical components of writing effective instructions. Both the video production and content are high quality; worth 5 minutes of your time if you are looking for an instruction writing guide.

Math - 0 views

Has anybody used a blended course for mathematics? I'm looking for ideas for stats...

started by leslieindurango on 16 Mar 16 no follow-up yet

Online assessment taxonomy - 2 views


blended learning blended learning assessment

started by t_ooms on 15 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Shirley Sinacore

Creating Effective Blended Learning Environments - 2 views

This is a slideshow which contains some good information to be aware of when creating the course.

started by Shirley Sinacore on 12 Mar 16 no follow-up yet

7 Authentic Assessment Tools - 3 views

    Fun assessment tools students of any age can enjoy.
Phil Taylor

How much Online Content in Blended Learning? | Hot Lunch Tray - 2 views

    March 09, 2016 at 04:45AM How much Online Content in Blended Learning? via @pen63
Phil Taylor

Blended learning: The great new thing or the great new hype? - The Washington Post - 0 views

  • If blended learning is to lead to positive outcomes for students, then it must be highly relational, active and inquiry oriented (both online and offline), and commit to empowering students with digital tools.
  • It may also hold value by employing certain technologies that help teachers and students to formatively assess learning
  • nuanced balance that combines both digital technologies and the physical presence of a caring, knowledgeable and pedagogically thoughtful teacher
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • we must achieve a more nuanced balance that combines both digital technologies and the physical presence of a caring, knowledgeable and pedagogically thoughtful teacher. This is not an optional “nice to have,” but a “must have” if children and youth are to build resilience for the future.

Video for assessment - 1 views

Has anybody used videos for assessment? If so, do you have any good rubrics?

started by leslieindurango on 08 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
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