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Sherri Lancton

Efficiency versus Quality in Online Course Design - 30 views

started by Sherri Lancton on 30 Mar 15
  • Sherri Lancton

    This is an interesting topic - the tension between efficiency and quality. Many for profits and larger institutions have centralized development for online courses with standard formats and protocols. Do these inhibit really high quality work and creativity?
  • maytheruffino
    What is happening in Higher education, as I see it and hear from my colleagues is pathetic. To allow students to only use wikipedia and to prohibit instructors to redesign their online courses in Arizona for example is a shame. We are at a critical juncture and is up to instructors to set the standards and the organizations that will safeguard the quality of education in any of its modalities and the academic freedom.
  • kristianstill
    Interesting and appealing analogy.

    Easy and enjoyable reading, thank you. As for the axe - a useful analogy. As educators, the use of axes "should" mean are sharped rather than dulled through experience.

    The start / sharp position of the mediocre axe requires much more effort than the craftsman's axe, to achieve the similar development. One would suggest the industrial model appears more efficient than it truly is.
  • leslieindurango
    This is extremely topical as an institution in my state (Colorado) just got placed on prohibition with the Higher Learning Commission because the quality of their online programs were problematic. Somewhere the quality got lost. I don't know if this is a continuum (quality on one end and efficiency on the other) or a ven-diagram were the sweet spot is where they intersect.

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