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Fernando Escobar

OLC eLearning Landscape blog - 0 views

    Blog abierto de la OLC... conversaciones diversas sobre el tema de tecnologías y la educación a distancia
Fernando Escobar

IBM - Smarter Planet - The IBM 5 in 5 - United States - 0 views

    Artículo de IBM sobre 5 grandes innovaciones que se espera cambien la vida de las personas en los próximos años.

Google's New Research Tool - 0 views

  • The latest Google function brings together the capabilities of Google Search, Google Scholar, and Google Docs. The research tool provides shortcuts to accessing web-based information and adding it to your documents.
  • This new tool is quick to access and intuitive to use, especially if you already have some familiarity with Google Docs

Five Essential Skills for the Facebook Era - IEEE Spectrum - 1 views

  • In a new book, Howard Rheingold says social networks are changing the way we think
  • podcast
    Howard Rheingold_podcast_April_27_2012_IEEESpectrum
    Howard Rheingold_podcast_April_27_2012_IEEESpectrum

Using Your Blog to Help Launch a New Career - 0 views

  • It seems like everyone has a blog these days
  • just about
  • as many abandoned
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • there are some things you need to do first before you post that first article,
  • WHAT do you want your blog to be about?
  • Technology?
  • WHY are you writing a blog?
  • To share your expertise?
  • To help others?
  • here's what you need to do next.
  • there's someone already writing
  • Do your homework.
  • about it
  • A serious blogger has their own website and full control of what is posted
  • Do whatever you can to customize the standard WordPress themes.
  • Did you snore through high school English? Good bloggers write well;
  • Post consistently.
  • This might mean once a week, several times a week or even daily
  • Those other bloggers you've been interacting with? Invite them to guest post on your blog.
  • be a guest poster
  • Promote, promote, promote!
  • In a land of 100 million blogs, you need to do a little shouting from the rooftops to get heard
  • If you treat blogging as a serious method of communication, you'll soon start to see the reward in terms of increased readers and worthwhile comments coming in.

Educator's Voice: Increasing Student Retention in Online Courses - 0 views

  • Increasing student retention in online courses involves a combination of strategies that can be deployed at both the institutional and the course levels.

Nine steps to quality online learning: introduction - 0 views

  • Decide how you want to teach online Decide what kind of online course you and your students need Work in a team Build on existing resources Master the technology Set appropriate learning goals for online learning Create a strong online course structure/schedule Communicate, communicate, communicate Innovate and evaluate.
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