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Elizabeth E Charles

Agile In Teaching Learning Process - 0 views

    V Kamat presentation in 2008
Elizabeth E Charles

Four Steps to Successful Agile Learning in 2013 - 0 views

    "How can learning professionals adapt to this fast pace of change? Here are four steps to agile learning success and the major pitfalls to avoid. "
David Jennings

Rhizomatic learning | Innovating Pedagogy - 0 views

    Brief summary/definition of the theory of rhizomatic learning
Roger Harrison

Social Learning Theory (Bandura) | Learning Theories - 3 views

  • Bandura’s Social Learning Theory posits that people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling
Roger Harrison

Experiential Learning (Kolb) | Learning Theories - 1 views

  • learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”
    • concrete experience (or “DO”)
    • reflective observation (or “OBSERVE”)
    • abstract conceptualization (or “THINK”)
    • active experimentation (or “PLAN”)
    Kolb (1939-)
Roger Harrison

Design-Based Research Methods (DBR) | Learning Theories - 0 views

  • educators have been trying to narrow the chasm between research and practice. Part of the challenge is that research that is detached from practice “may not account for the influence of contexts, the emergent and complex nature of outcomes, and the incompleteness of knowledge about which factors are relevant for prediction” (DBRC, 2003).
    • The need to address theoretical questions about the nature of learning in context
    • The need for approaches to the study of learning phenomena in the real world situations rather than the laboratory
Roger Harrison

Are your students ready to study in an online or blended learning environment? | LTiA I... - 1 views

  • This proved to be quite difficult as the problems experienced by students studying totally online are different to those who are having face-to-face as well as online experiences
    • Roger Harrison
      I wonder what you meant that the problems are different?
  • These quizzes attempt to personalise the resource to a particular student’s needs rather than requiring them to spend time locating resources within the website as a whole
    • Roger Harrison
      wow I really like this - how the support then offered is informed by the answer the student gives in the quiz to their readyness
    • It is hoped that future developments will include:

      • Collaboration with departments/faculties to provide links to additional resources that have been
Sarah Horrigan

Welcome to LORO - LORO - 0 views

    "LORO contains resources for language teaching available to download and reuse, including those used by the Department of Languages at the Open University, UK."
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