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David Slattery - 9 views

    Technology-Driven Philanthropy uses Google's strengths in information and technology to build products and advocate for policies that address global challenges.
gino carpio

A Look into Google's Insights - 15 views

    Ever wondered what the world is searching for on the internet?Use Google Insights for Search, a tool that helps advertisers and marketers understand user behavior.
    I loved this one. It was indeed informative for me.
awqi zar

The New Hampshire - UNH Study: Social media usage doesn't affect academics - 6 views

    Students who fear that spending too much time on social media sites will affect their academic performance can breathe easy, according to a new study.
Diego Morelli

Collective Intelligence & Cyberspace - 1 views

    Interesting slides, that "introduce the necessity of a new language that can set a link between the machine process of cyberspace and the uman collective intelligence, which is dynamic, in constant change and made in different languages, from different approaches."....
avivajazz  jazzaviva

danah boyd :: social media researcher :: microsoft research new england :: fellow, berk... - 2 views

    danah boyd's publications (booklength, short & long papers, etc.):
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Microblogging: More Than Fun? | University of Zurich, Graz University of Technology - 3 views

    Microblogging - more than fun? Martin Ebner Social Learning Computer and Information Services Graz University of Technology Steyrergasse 30, A-8010 Graz, Austria Mandy Schiefner Center for Teaching and Learning University of Zurich Hirschengraben 84, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Research on Twitter and Microblogging | Danah Boyd | - 3 views

    "Research on Twitter and Microblogging" (last updated: October 13, 2009)"
sandi jacques

PDF Annotation, Online Highlighter and Sticky Note Tool | WebNotes - 0 views

    WebNotes Online Research Tool - Annotate PDFs and web pages with highlights and sticky notes, organize your research, and share it with others.
    References to WebNotes annotation of PDF may be misleading. Please see notes at
Andrew Long

Technology News: Social Networking: Study on Facebook and Grades Becomes Learning Exper... - 0 views

    More grist for the superficial media mill looking for evidence of slumps in academic performance from spending time online. This time it's Facebook.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Social Media is Here to Stay... Now What? | Microsoft Research Tech Fest 2009 | danah boyd - 3 views

  • Adults are crafting them to show-off to people from the past and connect the dots between different audiences as a way of coping with the awkwardness of collapsed contexts.
    • Jill Walker Rettberg
      Interesting idea as to why adults do the 25 things thing on Facebook. I'm not sure about the "show off" (at least not in the ones I've seen) but certainly the connect-the-dots things seems to be happening.
  • Too bad that most of the templates that they are given are much more corporate in nature.
  • (de)locatability
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Collapsed Contexts
  • Blurring of Public and Private
Thieme Hennis

Freebase - A wealth of free data - 0 views

    a semantic web data base. looks like the aquabrowser.
Jeff Johnson

ChaCha. Just Call. Just Text. Just Ask. - 0 views

    Ask any question in conversational English from a cell phone. Call 800-2ChaCha or text 242242 and get the answer as a text message in a few minutes. Learn more.
strm _d

Polar Rose - Find Someone.... - Face Recognition Search Engine - 0 views

    Polar Rose grew out of computer vision research - the analysis of digital images and video - at the Universities of Lund and Malmö in southern Sweden. We are currently a team of twenty-two, including computer science graduates, mathematics and physics Ph.Ds, a user interface designer, and a technology-fascinated economist on off-roads. We believe that we have superior technology which will give meaning to digital photos and allow these to be indexable just like text documents on the web are today. We work on friendly, fun, useful and transparent applications, that use computer vision technology to sort and add context to the photo web.
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