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Diego Morelli

Collective Intelligence & Cyberspace - 1 views

    Interesting slides, that "introduce the necessity of a new language that can set a link between the machine process of cyberspace and the uman collective intelligence, which is dynamic, in constant change and made in different languages, from different approaches."....
Ulrich Kampffmeyer

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1 - 0 views

    Dublin Core Metadaten (Schwerpunkt von Dublin Core ist immr noch das Bibliotheks- und Publikationswesen)

Twine - Organize, Share, Discover Information Around Your Interests | Twine - 0 views

  • information that matters
  • share bookmarks and other content
  • recommendations based on your interests
avivajazz  jazzaviva

ScienceRoll | Medicine and Web 2.0 - 3 views

    All kinds of resources, from Twitter applications for physicians to visualizations of various categories of medical research on PubMed. Fantastic blog; do NOT miss it!
yc c

CrunchBase, The Free Tech Company Database - 1 views

    CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.
Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Welcome to the Virtual Knowledge Studio (VKS) - 0 views

    The Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences (KNAW) supports researchers in the humanities and social sciences in the Netherlands in the creation of new scholarly practices and in their reflection on e-research in relation to their fields. A core feature of the Virtual Knowledge Studio is the integration of design and analysis in a close cooperation between social scientists, humanities researchers, information technology experts and information scientists. This integrated approach provides insight in the way e-research can contribute to new research questions and methods.
Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Improvise - 0 views

    Exploratory visualization based on multiple coordinated views is a rapidly growing area of information visualization. Ideally, users would be able to explore their data by switching freely between building and browsing in a flexible, integrated, interactive graphical environment that requires little or no programming skill to use. However, the possibilities for displaying data across multiple views depends on the flexibility of coordination, the expressiveness of graphical encoding, and the ability of users to comprehend the structure of their visualizations as they work. As a result, exploration has been limited in practice to a small fraction of useful visualizations. Improvise is a fully-implemented Java software architecture and user interface that enables users to build and browse highly-coordinated visualizations interactively. By coupling a shared-object coordination model with a declarative visual query language, users gain precise control over how navigation and selection affects the appearance of data across multiple views, using a potentially infinite number of variations on well-known coordination patterns such as synchronized scrolling, overview+detail, brushing, drill-down, and semantic zoom. Improvise has been used to build numerous visualizations for exploring information including election results, particle trajectories, network loads, music collections, the chemical elements, and even the dynamic coordination structure of its own visualizations in situ. This last technique-integrated metavisualization-is unique to Improvise.
my mashable

Facebook: All Your Stuff is Ours, Even if You Quit - 0 views

    The Consumerist has noticed a seemingly slight but very important (and disturbing) change in Facebook's terms of service, regarding user-generated content. In short, all of the content you've ever uploaded on Facebook can be used, modified or even sublicensed by Facebook in every possible way - even if you quit the service.
Jeff Johnson

Where 2.0 Conference 2008 - O'Reilly Conferences, May 12 - 14, 2008, Burlingame, CA - 0 views

  • At the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, we expose the tools pushing the boundaries of the location frontier, track the emergence of new business models and services, and spend time examining new sources of data and the platforms for collecting them. New to Where 2.0 2008 will be a full day of in-depth tutorials on the best and the latest so that participants can return to their projects with new tools in hand.

CCNA Certification. Exam Information, Tips and Guidelines - Networks Analyzed @ Netralized - 1 views

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