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DRUG GUIDE - Rehab - 0 views

    In a Residential treatment focus, teenagers are given treatment for the issues they confront like psychological instability, liquor fixation, to enthusiastic and physical scatters. Numerous states in U.S.A and different parts of the world have diverse kinds of private treatment focuses. Distinctive private medications incorporate psychological well-being, liquor and medication. Medication restoration focuses enable individuals to manage mental reliance on medications, for example, cocaine, heroin and numerous remedy pills.
Giovanni Cerri

Getting your ex boyfriend back after a break up is all about reverse psychology - 0 views

    There are psychological techniques you can use to make him fall madly in love with you again. The trick is to push his "emotional hot buttons". Triggers that are specific to only men.

Holistic Addiction Rehab for a recovered soul and spirit - 0 views

    Counseling and Therapy These are the two most important factors in mentally and psychologically overcoming addiction. Counseling sessions help you find out the causes of your abuse and the different situations in which you are most likely to use cocaine. The therapy sessions involve group meetings where other patients who suffer from addiction talk about their problems and their trip to drug addiction. These group sessions help in taking a social circle where you can discuss your problems without judgment and seek support to stay drug free.

Marijuana Addiction Rehab - Drug Rehab - Journey Malibu - 0 views

    Many people mistakenly believe that marijuana is a "safe drug" and that it is not addictive. The truth is, however, that long-term marijuana abuse, like any other drug abuse, can cause a variety of health consequences and can lead to physical dependence and psychological addiction.. If you are looking for an effective treatment to detoxify yourself from this harmful vice, you are not alone. Currently, millions of people receive specialized treatments to stop marijuana.
ghaithdaeadkah - 0 views

    The Love Yourself Quotes app is an application that aims to enhance self-confidence and promote positivity among users. The app has a set of inspiring and motivating quotes and statements that help users feel strong and positive in their lives. Using the Love Yourself Quotes app, users can copy quotes and sayings and take motivation and inspiration to do their job with all power. There is no better than motivating quotes to advance this world and do the many tasks required of you Thanks to the user-friendly application interface, users can easily browse quotes and quotes and listen to them anytime, anywhere. In addition, users can share quotes and quotes with friends and also encourage them In general, the Love Yourself Quotes app is an excellent choice for people who seek to improve their mental health, improve their positive quality of life and enhance their self-confidence. The Love Yourself Quotes app contains "Best Self Love Quotes" aimed at promoting self-love and motivating users to be positive in their lives. The app contains a collection of the best inspiring and motivating quotes and statements on the subject of self-love that help users to think positively and improve their psychological condition. The Love Yourself Quotes app contains "Self-valued Quotes" aimed at motivating users to achieve success and self-development by providing a set of valuable quotes containing inspiring tips and ideas for success in life. The Love Yourself Quotes app contains "Nice Quotes About Myself" aimed at enhancing self-confidence and life optimism by providing a set of kind and positive quotes about the self. The Love Yourself Quotes app contains "Short Self Love Quotes" aimed at providing a set of short and inspiring quotes that focus on self-love and promoting self-confidence. The application aims to provide users with appropriate sources that can be used to stimulate them and improve mental health. The Love Yourself Quotes app contains self-acceptance quotes
ghaithdaeadkah - 0 views

    Heart Wallpapers is an app that offers a collection of photos and drawings that symbolize love and positive emotions, these backgrounds are characterized by their beautiful and romantic designs that suit all tastes and ages. This app features diverse and periodically renewed backgrounds, which include various topics related to love and positive emotions. The app has a heart background and offers a variety of backgrounds that include heartfelt images, symbols associated with love and positive emotions. This app is ideal for people looking for backgrounds that reflect their passion for love and positive emotions, and can also be used as a source of inspiration and motivation in maintaining romance in emotional relationships. Background Heart is an ideal application for people looking for backgrounds with bold and mysterious designs. The app features a wide range of backgrounds that include black heart images and designs associated with sadness and loneliness, which reflect the deep feelings of people going through difficult events in life. It has a black heart background Background Heart is a great application that aims to meet the needs of people who face difficult events in life and need backgrounds that reflect their current psychological state. The app has a wide range of backgrounds related to broken hearts and designs associated with sadness and loss, which reflect the deep feelings of people suffering from loss of love or emotional disappointment. It contains broken heart wallpaper Background Heart is a beautiful application that aims to meet the needs of people looking for romantic red heart backgrounds. The application has a large variety of backgrounds with attractive and beautiful red colors that represent love and passion. It has red heart backgrounds Background Heart is a great application that aims to meet the needs of people looking for soft and beautiful pink hearts backgrounds. The app has a wide range of great pink-colored backgrounds that
Michael Marlatt

How to Change the World: The Art of the Start Video - 0 views

  • The Art of the Start Video An honest speaker will tell you that she has “on” days and “off” days. The result of a truly “on” day is a standing ovation. I had a very “on” day at TiECon on May 13, 2006. This is the annual meeting of The Indus Entrepreneur organization. I’ve provided postings of audio and video of my speeches that covered the topics of innovation and evangelism, but this is the first one of “The Art of the Start.” It’s the first one, frankly, because I’ve been waiting until I did it very—standing ovation—well.
Marco Díaz Calleja

Data smog: newest culprit in brain drain - 0 views

  • To help people handle the information flow, Weil and Rosen offer some tips: ? Sift and trash?Try to focus on the information you really need instead of news blips that distract. Think critically and separate the gems from the dross.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Very good advice, but sometimes hard to practice. You often don't know at the moment whether you will need something later or not.
    • Iris Deters
      What I do is that just like processing bills, I prioritize things into Must-Have, Maybe, Throw-Away now. For the Maybe, I review them once a month. Believe it or not, this systematic process actually saves me a lot of time as I become much more productive!
  • ? Set limits?Ration the time you spend watching television, listening to the radio and cruising the Internet. Designate the best times for people to call or fax you.
  • ? Respond on your own time?Disable the e-mail ding and turn off the ringer on the fax machine. You can respond after you?ve finished the task at hand.
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  • ? Relax when technology makes you wait?Instead of getting irritated while your e-mail boots or a company?s telephone system puts you on hold, use that time to rest or tend to small tasks.
  • ? Use the technologies that work for you?You don?t have to acquire every new technology. If beepers and cell phones cause you stress, stick with voice mail. ? Schedule time away from information?Set aside slots for exercise, sports, dinner with friends and family vacations.
Vahid Masrour

Psychologist: Facebook makes you smarter, Twitter makes you dumber | Technically Incorr... - 0 views

  • On the other hand, video games and Sudoku allegedly involve more thinking depth, more tracking of past actions, and more mapping of those things you might do in the future. Therefore, they enhance working memory.
yc c

Does the Brain Like E-Books? - Room for Debate Blog - - 3 views

  • They should be like the historical coffeehouses, taverns and pubs where one shifts flexibly between focused and collective reading — much like opening a newspaper and debating it in a more socially networked version of the current New York Times Room for Debate.
    • Bakari Chavanu
      Many websites like NewsVine seem to offer this kind of experience.
  • Still, people read more slowly on screen, by as much as 20-30 percent. Fifteen or 20 years ago, electronic reading also impaired comprehension compared to paper, but those differences have faded in recent studies.
  • Reading on screen requires slightly more effort and thus is more tiring, but the differences are small and probably matter only for difficult tasks.
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  • In one study, workers switched tasks about every three minutes and took over 23 minutes on average to return to a task. Frequent task switching costs time and interferes with the concentration needed to think deeply about what you read.
  • After many years of research on how the human brain learns to read, I came to an unsettlingly simple conclusion: We humans were never born to read. We learn to do so by an extraordinarily ingenuous ability to rearrange our “original parts” — like language and vision, both of which have genetic programs that unfold in fairly orderly fashion within any nurturant environment. Reading isn’t like that.
  • And that, of course, is the problem at hand. No one really knows the ultimate effects of an immersion in a digital medium on the young developing brain. We do know a great deal, however, about the formation of what we know as the expert reading brain that most of us possess to this point in history
  • Hypertext offers loads of advantages. If while reading online you come across the name “Antaeus” and forget your Greek mythology, a hyperlink will take you directly to an online source where you are reminded that he was the Libyan giant who fought Hercules. And if you’re prone to distraction, you can follow another link to find out his lineage, and on and on. That is the duality of hyperlinks. A hyperlink brings you to information faster but is also more of a distraction.
  • floor. I once counted my books among my most prized possesions, now I wish I could somehow convert them all to digital files.
  • My book shelves are full, and books are stacked on the
  • Textbooks also require big double pages with margins for notes. Writing and reading are communication between writer and reader, the audience and genre (and thus expectations) are important, and the format and technology can be used for bad or good. One is not better than the other, they are different, and the more we know of the needs of writers and readers the better technology will become.
  • All of the commentators and responses miss a crucial question here: reading for what purpose?
  • To further complicate this, most of what I read for pleasure is about art or photography, and the kind of history that comes with cool pictures. If paper suddenly disappeared I'd be lost. Most of what I read for work has to be verified, cross referenced, fact-checked, etc. on a tight deadline. If the Internet suddenly disappeared, I'd be more than lost--I'd be paralyzed.
  • I also completely disagree that the web has killed editing. It has just changed the process to include the reader. It would be more accurate to say that it is killing the sanctity of Editors. 'Bout time, that.
  • The missing component in E-Reading seems to be the ability to critically grasp and evaluate the material. Learning is transmitted, but it is more linear than holistic. Now in my 70's, I find that reading from a monitor is a distancing experience. There is an intimacy to reading from a traditional book that is missing in the digital format.
  • Chinese reading circuits require more visual memory than alphabets.
  • I assume that technology will soon start moving in the natural direction: integrating chips into books, not vice versa.
  • important ongoing change to reading itself in today’s online environment is the cheapening of the word.
  • Hypertext offers loads of advantages.
  • When you read news, or blogs or fiction, you are reading one document in a networked maze
  • More and more, studies are showing how adept young people are at multitasking. But the extent to which they can deeply engage with the online material is a question for further research.
  • However, displays have vastly improved since then, and now with high resolution monitors reading speed is no different than reading from paper.

Endeavors to hurt staff individuals - 1 views

    Habit is a confused ailment that is delegated both a psychological maladjustment and perpetual ailment. For a few, dependence happens rapidly, yet for others, it creates after some time.
Ourmaster Insights

Art of the negotiation skill - 1 views

Elevate your negotiation game to new heights with Wikimint's latest guide on honing your negotiation skills! Dive into the art and science of effective negotiation in our insightful article, where ...

NegotiationSkills CareerDevelopment WikimintInsights

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Is there any way to determine your mental health? - 8 views

Wouldn't believe it on mental health is just as important as regular health, and if you're constantly checking in with doctors, you really could use a psychologist's checkup . And in general, then,...

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