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Is there any way to determine your mental health? - 8 views

started by neyora9 on 19 Dec 22
  • neyora9
    I was thinking that I am constantly checked by various doctors, but I have never been checked by a psychologist. Could there be something wrong with my mental health? How can this be checked at all and what advice can you give me?
  • multievgeniy
    Hi, I don't know how to solve your problem because I have the same problem. I just want to tell you that I am now because of the fact that I work in a factory and watch how other successful guys live. I just feel like a nobody, so I'd like to solve my self-esteem problem too. :"(
  • xumane
    Just a bunch of men from the factory who don't understand what to do in case they suspect some kind of problem. And you know what I'll tell you, you're certainly acting a little stupid, because now you should, for example, go and find out what are the tests on the Internet that determine the level of your mental health.
  • edisonss
    Geez guys, don't get all sorts of crazy ideas in your heads, because you're all cool. Remember this always and personally we should not have any psychological disorders, because we are very cool and cool. Let's not get worked up and live for our own pleasure and understand how beautiful and cool we are.
  • skorbinalexey2
    Wouldn't believe it on mental health is just as important as regular health, and if you're constantly checking in with doctors, you really could use a psychologist's checkup . And in general, then, if you suddenly have any problems, believe me, it's not cool at all. And if they are detected in time, then just like with any other disease, you can solve it at the root. But if you don't feel well, if you have any behavioral problems, poor socialization, or maybe you just hear voices in your head?

    Aha ha, then you should definitely check yourself now with a psychologist. Where to get checked? It is up to everyone, but from myself I would advise you online option online mental health test , after all, here you can just call a licensed specialist on Skype and get a good check your methal health is not expensive))

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