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Mike Chelen

PieSpy - Inferring and Visualizing Social Network on IRC - 0 views

    nferring and Visualizing Social Networks on IRC


    PieSpy is an IRC bot that monitors a set of IRC channels. It uses a simple set of heuristics to infer relationships between pairs of users. These inferrences allow PieSpy to build a mathematical model of a social network for any channel. These social networks can be drawn and used to create animations of evolving social networks.

    PieSpy has also been used to visualize Shakespearean social networks. This page got slashdotted on 11 March 2004, with the site getting 250,000 hits per hour. Thanks to Notnet for making sure it all stayed alive!

    PieSpy was presented at the Information Visualization conference (IV'04) in July 2004. Read the full paper online. It has also appeared in Computer Weekly, c't magazine, and I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Kent.
sofarso Shawn

lighttpd fly light faster Web Server - 0 views

    Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility -- all of these describe lighttpd (pron. lighty) which is rapidly redefining efficiency of a webserver; as it is designed and optimized for high performance environments. With a small memory footprint compared to other web-servers, effective management of the cpu-load, and advanced feature set (FastCGI, SCGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and many more) lighttpd is the perfect solution for every server that is suffering load problems. And best of all it's Open Source licensed under the revised BSD license.
Zulkarnain K.

Organize Your Team with Collabtive - 0 views

    When you're managing larger teams of writers, developers, artist, or whatever really, a collaboration software can come in handy. The most popular and most talked about in the blogosphere is without a doubt Basecamp, which is a hosted solution that will s

1N5400 Datasheet - 0 views

    1N5400 Datasheet Fairchild Download PDF
ken zhang

Dimdim: Free Live Meeting, Web Conference, Net Meeting, Online Meetings, Online Trainin... - 0 views

    a free web meeting service

Scribus :: Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS® X and Windows® - 1 views

  • es una pequeña sitios de trabajo. Este sitio está dedicado a todos los españoles están buscando trabajadores con un precio muy bajo. Si usted contrata a un trabajador de aquí. Te garantizo que es muy satisfactorio. Si eres un webmaster o BPA jugadores que necesitan ayuda. Acaba de llegar al mercado muy amable. Y yo también le ayudará. Por favor visite mi puesto aquí
yc c

Openserving - Main Page - Free Content for All - 0 views

  • what's an openserving site?
    register button
    individual blogger
    collaborative blog
    vote democratically
    ad revenue
    an individual blog
    a collaborative blog
    where articles are sorted democratically
    and you keep 100% of the ad revenue
    Openserving extends the essence of the open source model — free software and content — to all aspects of web-based computing.

    Openserving extends the essence of the open source model - free software and content - to all
    aspects of web-based computing.

    we provide bandwidth, storage, and software. you foster community, receive 100% ad revenue, drive traffic to your site

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