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gino carpio

Is Targeting Mobile Devices Really That Effective? | clickTRUE Blog - 2 views

    The Device platform on the Google AdWords interface is a campaign setting feature that allows us to target text and image ads either to desktop, laptops and smart mobile devices that use full (HTML) browsers. Is it useful?
Graham Perrin

Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit - 1 views

  • Adobe Open Source
  • WebKit
  • to render HTML and execute JavaScript in Adobe® AIR™
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Our plan is to contribute our changes back to the WebKit community
  • currently working on getting the code smoothly integrated
  • conversation at
  • Our modification can be found within the Perforce depot.
  • integrate our changes back into the WebKit source repository at
  • the WebKit shared library will not contain any platform specific code
  • For the near term, WebKit will have platform specific code
  • to rasterize vector graphics generated by the HTML renderer
  • Project Plans
  • we use Cairo Source for WebKit
  • we use CoreGraphics
  • 2008-06-03
    Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit
    Will AIR applications be deployable in Google Chrome OS? Or, is this possibility reduced by Adobe's changes to WebKit? When and how will Adobe's changes to WebKit become available at Defocusing from Adobe: is there now less platform-specific code within WebKit? How soon might the goal — no platform-specific code — be realised?
Graham Perrin

SearchMonkey - YDN - 0 views

  • Share structured data
  • to display a standard enhanced result
  • or use the SearchMonkey developer tool to extract data and build apps to display custom enhanced results
    "SearchMonkey app displays Common Tags in Yahoo! search results" -
    Interesting. For searches, I'm switching from Google to Yahoo…
Graham Perrin

Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where ... - 0 views

  • where we're going
  • software with APIs that third party developers can write apps on top of
  • grow a tech business more quickly if you get third party developers
  • ...38 more annotations...
  • lessons about where the industry might go
  • Fair warning: this is a long post.
  • In 1969, the Justice Department, ADR, and several others filed antitrust suits
  • IBM agreed to stop bundling free software
  • disaggregation is a natural outcome
  • multiple companies can move faster
  • backlog of potential creativity
  • The OS is dissolving into a soup of resources distributed across both the network and the local device, with the application in the middle calling on both
  • what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in rate of change and versatility
  • hybrids of local and network resources
  • gradual evolution of a super-OS that includes both the network and the device
  • we don't have a name for this new thing
  • trouble talking about it
  • I'm calling it the "metaplatform"
  • Although the metaplatform isn't necessarily elegant
  • compatibility
  • technological advances always lead to value chain fragmentation
  • what happens if that company goes out of business or just decides to stop maintaining the product?
  • If you've incorporated external web services into your site, the site will break if any of those services stops working
  • We don't have any systematic ways to deal with problems like these
  • a business opportunity for the next crop of software entrepreneurs
  • What the metaplatform means
  • Much of the discussion in this post is pretty theoretical
  • practical implications
  • iPhone today gives (in my opinion) the best overall mobile browsing and app discovery experience
  • APIs that will enable other developers to extend
  • implementation is often off-target
  • trying to make their APIs into the business equivalent of an operating system
  • private ecosystem
  • opening the application outward
  • mixed and matched with other functionality in the metaplatform
  • export data isn’t enough... what springs to mind is open source
  • Lots to think about
  • Clayton Christensen
  • The most effective mobile application are
  • a framework to predict where most profits will be made
  • HTML5
  • changes that are brewing in the mobile industry
Vincent Tsao

Google considers opening its platform - Internet - iTnews Australia - 0 views

  • Google could be mulling a move which would allow outside developers to play around with the firm’s development stack, according to comments by Google exec, Dave Girouard at a Web 2.0 Summit panel in San Francisco.
  • "We want to open up the Google stack, the Google platform in many, many ways, and in the end if we do it right, you will have the same access to Google that our own developers do” said Girouard.
  • Girouard’s comments could be taken to mean that outside developers will soon be able to try their hands at building their own Google apps, or adding bits and pieces to existing Google apps.
J. D. Ebberly

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networki... - 0 views

    What is "White Label" Software? This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain. The user experience should be near seamless, therefore any company can have their own MySpace.
Alex Merced

Ning Expedition: Expedition #22 - Master List of White Label Social Networks - 0 views

    A exaustive list of all the White Label Social Network platforms ala Ning and Kickapps
    This is a great list of of White Label Network Platforms
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