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Graham Perrin

Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit - 1 views

  • Adobe Open Source
  • WebKit
  • to render HTML and execute JavaScript in Adobe® AIR™
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Our plan is to contribute our changes back to the WebKit community
  • currently working on getting the code smoothly integrated
  • conversation at
  • Our modification can be found within the Perforce depot.
  • integrate our changes back into the WebKit source repository at
  • the WebKit shared library will not contain any platform specific code
  • For the near term, WebKit will have platform specific code
  • to rasterize vector graphics generated by the HTML renderer
  • Project Plans
  • we use Cairo Source for WebKit
  • we use CoreGraphics
  • 2008-06-03
    Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit
    Will AIR applications be deployable in Google Chrome OS? Or, is this possibility reduced by Adobe's changes to WebKit? When and how will Adobe's changes to WebKit become available at Defocusing from Adobe: is there now less platform-specific code within WebKit? How soon might the goal — no platform-specific code — be realised?
yc c

Presentation Creation, Management and Sharing: Empressr by Fusebox - 1 views

    Empressr is the first Ajax/Flash-based web application that lets you create, share and store presentations online. It goes beyond current presentation applications by enabling you to incorporate rich media features, like streaming video and animation, to create and share the most dynamic presentations possible.
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