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Edward Hsieh

Brackets - 31 views

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    This site definitely has all of the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn't know who to ask.
    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this write-up plus the rest of the website is also very good.
awqi zar

Mathics - A free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica - 24 views

    please don't miss to visit this.
yc c

Shindig - Welcome To Apache Shindig! - 0 views

    Shindig is an open source implementation of the OpenSocial specification and gadgets specification. It is a new project within the Apache Software Foundation incubator.
Graham Perrin

Carrot2 - open source search results clustering engine - 0 views

    An open source framework for building search clustering engines. It can automatically organize small collections of documents, e.g. search results, into thematic categories.

    Carrot2 can add clustering of search results to an existing search engine. Its algorithms should successfully cluster up to about a thousand text documents, a few paragraphs each.
Graham Perrin

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS - 0 views

  • Google Chrome OS
  • Google Chrome Operating System
  • what operating systems should be
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • open source
  • we will open-source its code
  • initially
  • targeted at netbooks
  • working with the open source community
  • share our vision
  • Speed, simplicity and security
  • user interface is minimal
  • out of your way
  • It should just work
  • run on both x86 as well as ARM
  • a new windowing system
  • software architecture is simple
  • Linux kernel
    • Graham Perrin
      So I'll probably run Google Chrome OS in VirtualBox on Mac OS X.
    • Graham Perrin
      How much memory will be required? I wonder…
  • applications can be written using your favorite web technologies
  • these apps will run
  • on any standards-based browser
  • largest user base
  • designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems
  • Google Chrome OS and Android overlap
    Simple architecture:

    * WebKit-based Google Chrome
    * a new windowing system
    * Linux kernel.

    Open source, large developer base, large user base.
  • ...1 more comment...
    Applications that are designed for Google Chrome OS should run equally well in any standards based browser.

    If I do need to run Google Chrome OS on Mac OS X, I'll probably do so in VirtualBox.
    Thinking about laptops that are gathering dust … the OS will run on x86 or ARM.

    I wonder about other requirements:

    * memory
    * display resolution
    * etc..
    A new project, a natural extension of Google Chrome - the Google Chrome Operating System … to re-think what operating systems should be.
Sarah HL

10 raisons pour lesquels l'open source est pertinent pour les smartphones | Philippe.Sc... - 0 views

  • Au coeur du smartphone son système d’exploitation qui détermine les applications que l’on pourra utiliser.
  • Au coeur du smartphone son système d’exploitation qui détermine les applications que l’on pourra utiliser.
    • Les standards ouverts : une plus grande facilité pour le développement de l’offre logiciel
    • Plus de logiciel
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • a sécurité
  • Personnalisation
  • Connectivité
  • Le coût
  • Multi-tâche
  • Push Gmail
  • Les développeurs
  • Créativité
    • ce sont les constantes qui ressortent et qui sont clairement liées  (mais pas exclusives) au modèle de l’open source :

      • Ouverture
      • Sécurité
      • Richesse fonctionnel
      • Capacité à innover
    • ce sont les constantes qui ressortent et qui sont clairement liées  (mais pas exclusives) au modèle de l’open source :

      • Ouverture
      • Sécurité
      • Richesse fonctionnel
      • Capacité à innover
Maggie Verster

15 Open Source Content Management Systems - 0 views

    I have not even heard of half of these! Will need to go and investigate....before I can vote for teh best one!
yc c - Your eyeOS virtual desktop today. - 0 views

    base applications (Calendar, an Agenda, a Word Processor, a File Organizer, a Bookmark browser, A Mail system to talk with other users using this system, etc...). But this isn't all, you also will be able to play with some games and use the applications from and themes from!
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Viral Spiral - 0 views

    "A world organized around centralized control. strict intellectual property rights, and hierarchies of credentialed experts is under siege. A radically different order of society based on open access, decentralized creativity, collaborative intelligence, and cheap and easy sharing is ascendant."
Sarah HL

Présentation de jQuery - Clochix - 0 views

  • Présentation de jQuery
  • Je n'imagine plus aujourd'hui coder en JavaScript pour le web sans utiliser une bibliothèque, et jQuery, par sa faible taille et son élégance, est ma préférée. J'espère que cette rapide introduction aura donné à celles et ceux qui ne connaissaient pas encore jQuery l'envie de s'y mettre pour pouvoir enfin goûter aux joies du DHTML.
Thieme Hennis

Hamel - 0 views

    In this paper, we describe our findings from interviews with participants working in two relatively new consortia in the government sector: the Government Open Code Collaborative or GOCC, and the Open Source Software Institute or OSSI. For each case we consider six major questions: (1) How and why did these collaborative efforts begin? (2) What are their motivations? (3) How are these collaborative efforts governed? (4) What communication and collaborative infrastructure do they utilize? (5) What software do they focus on? and, (6) What is their current status? Our findings suggest that incentives, membership structures, stable paid staff, concentrated focus and attention to the creation and delivery of "value" to participating organizations are important factors leading to successful open source consortia.
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