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Jason Smith

Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics | eTeki - 0 views

    Women's involvement in the workforce has revolutionized the US economy.
strm _d

Polar Rose - Find Someone.... - Face Recognition Search Engine - 0 views

    Polar Rose grew out of computer vision research - the analysis of digital images and video - at the Universities of Lund and Malmö in southern Sweden. We are currently a team of twenty-two, including computer science graduates, mathematics and physics Ph.Ds, a user interface designer, and a technology-fascinated economist on off-roads. We believe that we have superior technology which will give meaning to digital photos and allow these to be indexable just like text documents on the web are today. We work on friendly, fun, useful and transparent applications, that use computer vision technology to sort and add context to the photo web.
Kepler L

MathTran - Online translation of mathematical content - 0 views

  • MathTran - Online translation of mathematical content
Mike Chelen

PieSpy - Inferring and Visualizing Social Network on IRC - 0 views

    nferring and Visualizing Social Networks on IRC screenshot PieSpy is an IRC bot that monitors a set of IRC channels. It uses a simple set of heuristics to infer relationships between pairs of users. These inferrences allow PieSpy to build a mathematical model of a social network for any channel. These social networks can be drawn and used to create animations of evolving social networks. PieSpy has also been used to visualize Shakespearean social networks. This page got slashdotted on 11 March 2004, with the site getting 250,000 hits per hour. Thanks to Notnet for making sure it all stayed alive! PieSpy was presented at the Information Visualization conference (IV'04) in July 2004. Read the full paper online. It has also appeared in Computer Weekly, c't magazine, and I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Kent.

Top 5 Analytics Software Solutions « Applicant Management - 0 views

    Thousands of years of compiled information in mathematics, science, architecture and engineering has steadily advanced cultures around the world. When simplified, much of this observation, trial-and-error and progress boils down to one word - Analytics.

Over $1,000,000 Paid Out In 2013! Highest $/sale On CB - 0 views

    Now Streaming: Brand New 2013 Presentation (Google Sniper official site) over $ 1,000,000 paid in 2013! Best $ / sale on CB ... ! The mathematical product you are looking for. This is how, you can use it effectively. If you are looking fredgen , we offer what you need to worry about the satisfaction guarantee and a refund if you are not satisfied . Please check the information ....

Artificial Intelligence Training | Artificial Intelligence Course - 0 views

    Learn Artificial Intelligence Training Certification Course from Artificial Intelligence Certified Expert. Artificial Intelligence online training is an industry-designed course which covers Data Science, ML Algorithms, Data Wrangling, Deep Learning, AI Statistics, Mathematics Foundation, NLP, Scalable ML Models and many more to go. If you are looking for the best Artificial Intelligence online training course, just join us.

Written work - 2 views

Hi, my advice to you as a student is to read the review . Students can also order academic help and get help with calculations, mathematical modelli...


How to Prepare Aptitude Test for Competitive Exams - 0 views

Practice as many questions before your assessment. The more psychometric aptitude test questions you practice the more your speed, accuracy and confidence will improve. Improving these factors will...

Aptitude Test Online

started by puzznbuzzus on 23 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Dileni Nimesha

Why choose an offshore jurisdiction for company formation - The most favorable internat... - 0 views

    The present and expanding global financial chaos isn't perhaps benefitting at a large scale the offshore jurisdictions at the moment. But it's mathematically sure that will definitely benefit those jurisdictions in the near future. In the next few years offshore companies will be a must for businessmen and investors that looking for a favorable international tax planning regime and tax exposure minimization.
Rajesh sharma

Kids Car Racing mania - 0 views

    The quicker the answers, ★★★★★ the faster the car runs. ★★★★★ Hey Children! Learn multiplication with this car racing game designed specially for kids. Racing excites and thrills. With your customized car you can race with the machine and can check how fast you are with multiplication concept. Playing the game will add value to your learning. Cheers! Treat yourself with thrilling car racing and have fun with multiplication tables. This is an extremely engaging application for kids to practice multiplication while having fun.
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