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mbarek Akaddar

And We're Live! - Interactive Math Lessons and Fun! - 0 views

  • a fun and interactive web site that is perfect for math practice and fun
mbarek Akaddar

Smart Ways to Use the SMARTboard in Math Lessons - 0 views

    Smart Ways to Use the SMARTboard in Math Lessons
Heather Hurley

tutpup - play, compete, learn - 0 views

    Web 2.0 too. Play math and spelling games. Teachers can even creat accounts for their students.
Mike Hasley

About the site - 0 views

    Great site for Google Earth and Math. It's new.
Donna Baumbach

Order of Operations: "The PEMDAS Parrot" by Zach Johnson - 0 views

    PS22 chorus helps with math!
mark rusell

Puzzle Games online for Kids Enjoyment - 0 views

    There are distinctive sorts of puzzle games accessible uniquely intended for children. A portion of the games are skill games, math games and Word games and so forth the Dora games

What We do not know ( Infographic ) - 0 views

    "When it comes to history, science, and global affairs. Americans are notoriously uninformed. Too many of us shrug off our inability to" do math" or speak a second language. And in effect, we assume that these capacities are somehow dispensable, however they are not. Higher education in America is experiencing a similar misassumption......."
Rajesh sharma

Kids Car Racing mania - 0 views

    The quicker the answers, ★★★★★ the faster the car runs. ★★★★★ Hey Children! Learn multiplication with this car racing game designed specially for kids. Racing excites and thrills. With your customized car you can race with the machine and can check how fast you are with multiplication concept. Playing the game will add value to your learning. Cheers! Treat yourself with thrilling car racing and have fun with multiplication tables. This is an extremely engaging application for kids to practice multiplication while having fun.
Jennifer Jensen

Collaborative Pumpkin Project - 14 views

    This free project has classrooms using three pumpkins - students will first make estimates and then take various measurements of each pumpkin. They will then count the seeds contained within each pumpkin. All data, other than estimates, will be posted via a GoogleDoc. As pumpkin data begins to be uploaded, classes can begin analyzing the data shared by all.
Vahid Masrour

95 free learning tools | LearnHub - 0 views

    tools from the web2.0... most are the expected winners, but some are less well known.
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