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La mitad de intereses internacionales en empresas españolas procede de la UE ... - 0 views

    • soniacalonso
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Artefactos Multimedia (III): mapas interactivos | Nuevas tecnologías aplicad... - 0 views

    Infografía d Néstor Alonso Artefactos multimedia mapas interactivos para primaria

Artefactos multimedia (II): audioimágenes | Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a l... - 0 views

    Creación de artefactos multimedia (II): audioimágenes

Artefactos Multimedia (IV): notas visuales | Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a ... - 0 views

    Infografía artefactos multimedia notas visuales de Néstor Alonso

Artefacto multimedia 01: Podcast | Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la educaci... - 0 views

    Creación de Artefacto multimedia 01: Podcast por Néstor Alonso
shyam shankar

Sodlyze: Portfolio - PHP, CMS, SEO Technology, 3D Flash, Multimedia, Mobile Apps - 0 views

    Our portfolio handle many different types of projects including PHP Web Development, Software Development, SEO, Flash Presentation in world wide range. CMS Portfolio, Multimedia Portfolio, SEO Technology Portfolio, 3D Flash Portfolio, Enterprise Portal Development Portfolio, PHP Portfolio, Mobile Apps Portfolio.
Graham Perrin

Introducing Balloons: Free multimedia overlays for bloggers | Zemanta Ltd. - 0 views

  • Balloons: Free multimedia overlays for bloggers
  • July 30th, 2009
  • Today we’re introducing “Balloons“,
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • dynamic overlays that allow any blogger or online publisher to integrate multimedia content into their pages.
  • use Zemanta as usual
  • insert links
  • After your post goes public,
  • additional icon
  • allow your readers to access the information
  • without having to leave
  • content from from the Creative Commons-licensed Freebase database
  • includes information from sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Maps, and MusicBrainz
  • millions of articles from Freebase contributors.
  • Balloon links will appear only when we can show a smart overlay
  • It’s about standards and open web The underlying code for Balloons is open source and built on the Common Tag architecture
  • open tagging format
  • developed by Zemanta, Yahoo, AdaptiveBlue, Freebase, and others.
  • make content more connected, discoverable, and engaging.
  • every aspect of Balloons – from its open source code base to its use of Freebase’s openly licensed content – has been designed to ensure the easy, free, and open spread of information across the web.
shyam shankar

Sodlyze Technology - Client & Server Side, SEO, Software Web Design & Development, Ente... - 1 views

    Sodlyze Technology is growth and success by utilizing client & server side, seo, software web design & development, multimedia, enterprise portal technology in its working process.
shyam shankar

Sodlyze: Our Clients - Mobile Software Web Design & Development, 3D Flash, SEO - 0 views

    We design and build websites for a wide range of clients education bodies to public services. Contact us to discuss your web design & software web development projects. Search Engine Optimization Clients, 3D Flash Clients, Software Web Development Clients, Multimedia Clients, Mobile Application Clients, Software Web Designing Clients
Aura Multimedia

Web Design Company London | Web Development London | SEO Company in London | Internet M... - 0 views

    Our designers and developers offer high quality innovative designs and web-based multimedia services & solutions across a number of platforms which include website design & construction, ecommerce website design, online marketing services, web based applications & database-driven solutions, flash web design. We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our work and develop a loyal client base.
liu king

9.7 Inch 16G TFT Touch LCD 1024x800px Resolution Tablet PC - 0 views

    CPU: VIA VM8650 800MHZ 9.7" TFT Touch LCD (1:1)/Resolution:1024x800 Multimedia Codes: Support MP3/Audio Format support 3GP/Video Format support WORD,EXCEL,MAIL &PDF READER Web vedio with the ICON / RAM:1G HARD DISK:16GB NAND FLASH, WIFI: 802.11B/G Battery: 2400MAH Orientation Sensor: automatic steering display screen Sound Effect: Stereo speakers device, Built-in micphone. Audio: High-Fidelity stereo speaker output Software: Google Android Browser: Google chome-lite UCWEB Browser Desktop: Android, automatically change the wallpaper (like win7), update frequencies can be set to 1hour to 6 days E-book and Office word processing, Document to Go (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF), Support E-book function E-Mail: Mainstream Web Mail service Gmaill/Yahoo Mail/Hotmail/Sina Mail/163 Mail Communication Software: Fring,SkypeOut can call local call、long-distance call、overseas call and mobile call , MSN,SKYPE,GTALK Game: G-Sensor game, Classic game, Touch game Automatic screen rotation: Four-Direction Rotate screen Note Paper: desktop tools, support 1x1~4x4 custom size Resco Explorer: Android task Killer,Andexplorerhao de
Daniel Moreno

Prueba Nokia 500. Básico pero smartphone - 0 views

    Prueba Nokia 500. Los técnicos lo denominan 'entry level smartphone', el común de los mortales puede entender mejor que, a pesar de ser un teléfono económico (199 euros libre), el Nokia 500 es multimedia, multitarea, tiene acceso a Internet y tienda de aplicaciones para personalizar su uso, entre otras muchas cosas. Y ¿por qué si hace lo que muchos, mucho más caros, este cuesta menos de 200 euros? Pues, tal vez por los materiales con que está fabricada una carcasa que, sin embargo, tiene la gracia de ser intercambiable (cada caja lleva tres diferentes).

Windows Movie Maker 2015 Crack For All Windows Free - 0 views

    Windows Movie Maker 2015 Crack For All Windows Free is a trustful and advance free video creating/editing software that are used for editing the multimedia

With i.MX35x the Entertainment is On-The-Go - 0 views

    Freescale launches i.MX35 - the multimedia applications processor for automotive.

Mobile Content Home to the Television Set with TV-output Processor for Mobile Devices - 0 views

    NXP Semiconductors launched the NXP SAA8510 a mobile multimedia TV-out processor to enable TV-output on any mobile device having a standard LCD interface.
ken zhang

AVS4YOU® Best software for you on today's market. Subscribe and download now ... - 0 views

    all about multimedia
ignacio chehade

Collective Unconscious - 0 views

    • ignacio chehade
      Great view about Collective Unconscious in the 2.0 world
  • “Never before have we had such amazing ways of delivering information through television, books, photographs, graphics, computers, video, multimedia, and the internet. Yet so many children are bored and have become less and less motivated to learn about and understand the world around them,”
  • Jung’s collective unconscious is the dreamtime of Homo sapiens. ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’ is the dreamtime of late-era hypercapitalism. The energies that inform Jung’s collective unconscious are for the most part biological: instinctual drives of fear, hunger and sex (along with the drive for psychic wholeness). The energies that inform the ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’ are more abstract, related to the movement of electronic capital and the maximization of profit to shareholders.
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  • “These modules seek to penetrate, but in a passing way. A second of your attention is all they ask. Nothing is firing that rends or cuts. It’s a massage, really, if you just go with it. And why not? Some of the most talented people on the planet have devoted their lives to creating this psychic sauna, just for you.” Ersatz environments and colourful advertisements have been with us since the fifties, de Zengotita adds, but the multimedia blitz we experience now represents a whole new level of persuasion. “Saying that it’s just more of what we had before is like saying a hurricane is just more breeze.”
  • Today’s mass dream, split from the organic foundation of the world and cobbled together from shards of television shows, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, films, ad jingles, ringtones – the whole mad fantasy of what’s hip, what’s not, who’s in, who’s out and the international villain du jour – is the raw stuff of the ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’.
  • Mainstream media culture currently has all the signs of full-blown psychosis. This is analogous to Jung’s shadow. Confronting the shadow is unpleasant on a personal level, but healing cannot be effected without being confronted with the truth – and as folk wisdom has it, the truth hurts. What is positive about this process is that we’re being forced to confront the very worst in the imaginal output of our great, untethered, free market economy.
  • We are, ultimately, the stories we tell each other of our past, present and future. We become what we seek. It’s up to us to rule the imagination or leave it in the hands of a select few to shape the future of the mass dream. As Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    A Great view about "Collective Unconscious" in the new media world
Aline Ohannessian

10 Fantastic Creative Multi-Media & Video Applications | Design Marketing Advertising F... - 94 views

  • Ever wanted to be the headlining star in your very own show? The tools listed below all give you the ability to not only star in, but create, edit, publish, and share your very own artistic video making awesomeness.
    Ever wanted to be the headlining star in your very own show? The tools listed below all give you the ability to not only star in, but create, edit, publish, and share your very own artistic video making awesomeness....
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