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Frank Boros

How to get a small sample dataset from a mysql database using mysqldump - 0 views

    In this quick quick tip that will show how you can get a small sample dataset from a mysql database using mysqldump. We frequently need to get a small snapshot from a very big production database to import it into a development or staging database that will not need all the original data; let's sa
David Corking

WikidBASE | Nick Blundell - Projects - 0 views

  • combines the functionalities of a database system and a wiki web application
  • those who are the experts of the nature of the data they handle
  • should be able to create and evolve their database model
    • David Corking
      I think this aspiration is behind the popularity of spreadsheets and desktop databases like Access.
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  • Wikidbase will be released as open source under the GPL licence
    combines the functionalities of a database system and a wiki web application
    combines the functionalities of a database system and a wiki web application
    I am very excited about this 2007 project. This could save ordinary computer users a lot of money, and give those without much resources access to a lot of database power. Data is still complicated, and some people will still reach a limit where they need an expert in wrangling tables. I am very worried about the privacy and data security issues - how many club membership databases will end up on the web as a result of this?
Pinhopes Job Site

Online hiring challenges | Ways to tackle jobs | Pinhopes - 0 views

    Today employers face multiple challenges with traditional online hiring portals such as:

    ü  Escalating cost of accessing candidates database which is largely unused

    ü  Time-consuming candidate search and review process

    ü  Hard to zero-in on the right resource

    ü  Limited branding options

    Needless to say, all the above factors slow hiring online which delays bringing candidates on-board. To help employers tackle these online recruitment problems, Pinhopes - a new-age online hiring destination, has introduced innovative profile filtering features, video based online hiring process, multiple branding avenues combined with cost-effective payment option. Here are the key differentiators which help employers hire 3x faster:

    Get relevant applications from interested candidates - Every time

    Unlike existing online recruitment portals Pinhopes doesn't deal in database business which means employers are not required to search for right candidates, in a database which is largely unused. Instead employers get relevant applications directly from active job seekers for a job opening, without putting much effort.

    No tedious candidate search process - Advanced built-in search bubbles best ta
Jason Smith

MongoDB vs Cassandra - The Next Generation NOSQL Enterprise Database Environments - 0 views

    Cloud era is bringing new and improvised technologies across the IT landscape. Information technology has come a long way from traditional RDBMS to NOSQL databases.

Buy IELTS,PTE,CELPIP Certificates Without Any Exams,Buy Passports,Licenses,ID cards,Era... - 0 views

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Buy IELTS PTE CELPIP Certificates Without Any Exams Passports Licenses ID cards Erase Criminal Records Credit Card details and Hack software

started by gooddeals907 on 18 Aug 23 no follow-up yet
Arch Aznable

HTML5 Local Databases | Blogfreakz - Web Design and Web Development resources - 0 views

    Starting with Safari 4, iPhone/iPad OS3, Chrome 5, and Opera 10.5 (Desktop), HTML5 Local Databases are now supported.

Oracle 10g training- helping understand Oracle databases - 0 views

    Basic Oracle database administration and the fundamentals of SQL are taught during Oracle 10g training at Multisoft Systems. Experienced instructors teach candidates in a thorough manner.
Mike Chelen

Dabble DB - Create an Online Database - Collect, report, and share your data - 0 views

    Dabble DB helps you create online databases on the web. It's easy to use yet extremely flexible and powerful.
Donna Baumbach

The free online database for home and office. - 12 views

    Grubba is the free and online alternative for MS access and Filemaker pro. Choose a template or create your own forms and database to fit your individual needs. Suitable for beginner and advanced users.

Oracle 11g RAC Training with 360-degree LMS - 0 views

    Oracle 11g RAC training from Multisoft Systems helps database management professionals and students become expert in RAC environment applications and Automatic Storage Management.
Hendy Irawan

WebORB for PHP to Flex Flash AJAX & Silverlight | Midnight Coders - 0 views

    WebORB for PHP is a high-performing, multi-functional development and runtime environment that is FREE and Open Source and designed to effortlessly connect Flex, Flash, AJAX and Silverlight clients with PHP classes and data from relational databases via PHP backend. Some of the key benefits of using WebORB include ease of development, improved development workflow, reduced code base to write and manage, reduced development cost and faster time to market.
yc c

CrunchBase, The Free Tech Company Database - 1 views

    CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.
Frederik Van Zande

Source: Google To Launch BigTable As Web Service - 0 views

    Google may be releasing BigTable, its internal database system, as a web service to compete with Amazon SimpleDB, according to a source with knowledge of the launch. There are also rumors that press is being pre-briefed on the product, although we haven't been contacted by Google.

John Atejei (@visadocsolutions) * Instagram photos and videos - 0 views

    We are Premiere Producers of Database registered passport, Visa, Residence permit, ID Cards, Drivers License, Diploma, IELTS Certificate and also provides undetectable counterfeit money for sale.

Global Quiz / Knowledge Mapping Project - 0 views

    Global Quiz is a trivia game composed of difficult, ambitious questions. The questions database is a result of collaborative work in Web 2.0 fashion. However, behind the game, this is also a research project which uses the database of selected answers to create the knowledge maps. The results are available to anyone interested. You can see a sample map of astronomy knowledge I kindly invite to take a look, play and represent their country. Also, please share any suggestions you may have.
Sylvia Wong - 0 views

shared by Sylvia Wong on 24 Oct 12 - Cached
    Great site and database for free sheet music, scores, Anthems and music listings. You can search by composers and download music in pdf form. There is also a community link that allow users to interact in a forum and share resources.
Magento India

How To Go About While Undertaking Magento Development - 0 views

    Second most reason for its popularity is that it is extremely feature rich, perhaps the highest extensible e-commerce platform out there. Additional functionalities are very important in e-commerce stores, the reason being huge competition and the fact that every store needs to look and feel different from each other in order to be successful. Plug-ins and extensions are numerous, from language translators, logistics management, PayPal integration, there is a script for every need. And the same items can be represented in different forms and manner from the same database.
Emily Jeni

Top 10 Premium Wordpress Themes For 2014 | Professional SEO Services Company - 0 views

    WordPress is an open source, database driven CMS system that allows to manage content, pages, media, menus, etc. infect, it gives power to take control of your website without ANY web administrator's help. WordPress, out of the box, doesn't look pretty. The front page of any site, when installed, is very basic, simple and rather boring. WordPress has dramatically evolve in recent years. The graphics and coding of themes have gone beyond simple blogging to full functional websites.
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