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Diego Morelli

Tangible Knowledge & Social Media - 11 views

    Here's an interesting description by D. Roberts about social media as a collection of knowledge assets that have to be organized, in order to achieve what he calls "Tangible Knowledge, the Holy grail of finance". Some highlights from my transcription below... (continue...)
Graham Perrin

StackExchange™-The Stack Overflow Knowledge Exchange Platform - 1 views

  • Stack Overflow has rapidly become the best place for programmers to get answers to technical questions
  • there's a way to get the same kind of site
  • a knowledge exchange, running the same software as Stack Overflow
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • applied to just about any subject matter
  • With StackExchange™, you can run a site with all the same features that made Stack Overflow successful
  • an internal knowledge exchange
  • securely
  • Pricing
    The Stack Overflow Knowledge Exchange Platform
Diego Morelli

Computational Knowledge Engine: Wolfram Alpha - 1 views

    The latest project by Stephen Wolfram is defined as the first "computational knowledge engine", something capable of answering factual question for you. The Wolfram engine is described as "a proprietary system based on fields of knowledge, containing terabytes of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms to represent real-world knowledge as we know it".

Isis Goddess & Earth: VIDEO: Humans Threatening Galapagos - 0 views

    Ignorance vs knowledge
godzhesas k

Comindwork 7 Principles To Business Success :: Comindwork, a better way to collaborate! - 0 views

    All businesses have there own success stories and believes. We, at Comindwork believe that we will be successful if our customers will be successful. These are seven principles that we at Comindwork, believe, leads to business success
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