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Diego Morelli

Semantic Web Search Engine: the SWSE Mission Statement - 7 views

    "Although the Semantic Web (SW) is still very much in its infancy, there is already a lot of data out there which conforms to the proposed SW standards (e.g. RDF and OWL). Small vertical vocabularies and ontologies have emerged, and the community of people using these is growing daily.... "
Graham Perrin

Technology Review: Extracting Meaning from Millions of Pages - 0 views

  • University of Washington software pulls facts from 500 million Web pages
  • analyzing basic relationships between words
  • "The significance of TextRunner is that it is scalable because it is unsupervised,"
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • June 10, 2009
  • "It can discover and learn millions of relations, not just one at a time. With TextRunner, there is no human in the loop: it just finds relations on its own."
  • enter, for example, "kills bacteria,"
  • insights that "chlorine kills bacteria" or "ultraviolet light kills bacteria" or "heat kills bacteria"
  • then visit the Web page
  • ways to preview the text
  • triples
  • prototype
  • the ability of software to achieve rudimentary understanding of text
  • unprecedented scale and scope
  • analogous to technology developed by Powerset
  • a tool that was limited
  • TextRunner technology handles
  • arbitrary text on any page, including blog posts, product catalogues, newspaper articles, and more
  • "this work reflects a growing trend toward the design of search tools that actively combine the pieces of information they find on the Web into a larger synthesis."
Graham Perrin

Everything You Wanted to Know About Semantic Technology, But Were Afraid to Ask (at Sem... - 0 views

Graham Perrin

SchemaWeb - RDF Schemas Directory - 0 views

  • SchemaWeb
  • a directory of RDF schemas
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • a place for developers and designers working with RDF
  • a comprehensive directory of RDF schemas
  • to be browsed and searched by human agents
  • web services to be used by software agents that wish to obtain real-time schema information whilst processing RDF data
  • SchemaWeb gathers information about schemas published on the web
  • SchemaWeb merges the RDF statements from all the schemas registered in the directory into an RDF triples store
Graham Perrin

SearchMonkey Support for RDFa Enabled (Yahoo! Developer Network Blog) - 0 views

  • Yahoo! Search is now extracting RDFa data
  • and making this information available to the public via SearchMonkey
  • Creative Commons has recently started to deploy RDFa
Graham Perrin

Zemanta Launches Public Semantic API « Faviki Blog - 1 views

Graham Perrin

Blog Smarter | Zemanta Ltd. - 0 views

  • In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles
Graham Perrin

Zemanta - Zemanta - contextual intelligence for everyone! - 0 views

  • Featured application
  • Faviki is a social bookmarking tool which allows you to tag webpages you want to remember with Wikipedia terms
  • Thanks to DBpedia
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • tags are references to objects which are categorized automatically
  • It uses Zemanta to suggest possible tags
Graham Perrin

For Bloggers | Zemanta Ltd. - 0 views

  • In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, related articles, and more.
Graham Perrin

Faviki - Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags - 1 views

  • Faviki uses semantic tags - references to unique concepts that have their own URLs
  • Thanks to Zemanta suggestions, you can add semantic tags with one click
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Tag in your language
  • Common tag
  • not limited to English
  • 14 different languages
  • tags from DBpedia
  • All popular world languages
  • Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian...
  • English  Deutsch  Español  Suomi  Français Italiano  ??? Nederlands  Norsk (bokmål)  Polski  Português  ???????  Svenska  ??
    "Social tagging services like Faviki and Zigtag also allow end users to tag content using the Common Tag format." -
Graham Perrin

Zigtag - 5 views

    "Social tagging services like Faviki and Zigtag also allow end users to tag content using the Common Tag format." -
    Zigtag's semantic tags allow you to tags with concepts rather than tags. This allows you to tag something in different ways (e.g. New York, newyork, NYC), and have it all mean the same thing. Search using the terms you want, e.g. find pages about New York City using NY, "New York", or even "Big Apple" - any of these will find every page about New York City. Semantic tagging means that Zigtag understands synonyms - we understand that "Big Apple" is the same thing as "New York". Semantic tagging means that everybody is tagging with the same terms that have meaning, which makes it easier for everybody to find what everyone else has tagged.
Graham Perrin

Common Tag Standard is released! « Faviki Blog - 0 views

  • Common Tag format is based on RDFa
  • The format uses the URIs of concepts defined on the Web
  • Common concepts
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • databases of structured content
  • controlled vocabularies
  • Freebase and DBpedia
  • Common Tag is based on a small vocabulary
  • subclasses and optional properties
Graham Perrin

Web Companies Develop Common Tag Format - 0 views

  • With Common Tag, content is tagged with unique, well-defined concepts
  • metadata that defines each concept
  • describes how the concepts relate
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • Semantic tagging is an important next step
  • more intelligent applications for aggregating, searching, and browsing
  • Using the Common Tag format
  • a range of services that help publishers and bloggers
  • a standard and extensible set of tags
  • services that help users discover tagged content
  • tools to relate those tags to web page content
  • automated tagging tools like those offered by Zemanta
  • More discoverable
  • discoverable through a single tag
  • Social tagging services like Faviki and Zigtag
  • allow end users to tag content using the Common Tag format
  • Services like DERI's provide developers with tools to find and incorporate related content into their applications using Common Tag
  • Yahoo and Google have begun reading RDFa--the markup standard used by the Common Tag format
  • More connected
  • Common Tag metadata connects concepts
  • AdaptiveBlue's Glue service plans to use the Common Tag format to help connect end users to other people with similar interests and to other related content
  • a developer might use Freebase's development tools
  • to create a simple application that takes an article
  • and allows users to
  • More engaging
  • directly within the article
Graham Perrin

Home - Common Tag - 2 views

  • open tagging format
  • Common Tags are references to unique, well-defined concepts
  • with metadata and their own URLs
Graham Perrin

True Knowledge - 0 views

Graham Perrin : About - 0 views

  • extract structured information from Wikipedia
  • sophisticated queries
  • link other data sets
Graham Perrin

How to use the Tabulator - 0 views

  • only one way of looking at the Semantic Web
  • one possible form of a data browser
  • Compatibility with other browsers is something we'd like help with
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • bugs occur
  • Not functional in Internet Explorer
  • Security and browsing different sites
  • ways to allow cross-domain requests
Graham Perrin

About AJAW and the Tabulator - 0 views

  • one possible form of a semantic web browser
  • bugs on other platforms
  • make RDF access easy
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • demonstrate the use of Web architecture and Semantic web architecture
  • throw up problems
  • for the W3C TAG
  • best practices documents
  • find problems in general implementations or usage
  • find and design new breadcrumb protocols
  • conventions by which pointers are left and followed
  • make classes of problem solvable
  • Other browsers have tended to focus on a document at a time, or work by amassing a large static database of RDF
  • This browser works in a web of documents
  • much semantic web data is isolated from other webs of data,
  • links across systems. This browser is designed to use these links
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