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Contents contributed and discussions participated by John Evans

John Evans

Bullet Point Mentality - djakes' posterous - 2 views

    From the blog post:
    "I'm constantly amazed when I see kids in our library cutting and pasting from a Web site into a PowerPoint file. I'm really not amazed that they do it.
    I'm amazed that a teacher would design a learning experience where that would be a possibility!"
John Evans

BC Education : A Guide to Adaptations and Modifications - 3 views

    Today's classrooms are diverse and inclusive by nature. Differentiation of instruction and assessment and the principles of universal design are now recognized practices for teachers.

    Both differentiation and universal design provide systematic approaches to setting goals, choosing or creating flexible materials and media, and assessment. To undertake differentiation and universal design, teachers need to be aware of a range of accommodations (multiple means of representation, of expression, and/or of engagement) that may be necessary to help each student in the classroom succeed. These accommodations may take the form of adaptations and/or modifications
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