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Phil Taylor

The Barriers To Using Social Media In Education (Part 1 of 2) - Edudemic - 1 views

  • 2012-13, The US department of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors for their IT intensiveness, education ranked lowest (below coal mining). Education industry that bears the responsibility to prepare children for the world of tomorrow, itself is not ready to embrace the digital revolution with an open mind.
  • Indeed there are some real risks attached with children using social media and it can’t be taken lightly. But there are also dangers in crossing a road. Do we tell our kids not to cross the road? No, we don’t! We hold their hand and tell them how to do it.
  • So irrespective of whether or not you as an institution are ready to embrace the new digital ways of teaching, the revolution is already happening. If educators are left behind on social media, they will also fail in the simple role of being cultivators of curiosity.
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  • the role of school has shifted from being the source of knowledge to the validator & applier of knowledge.
John Evans

Teaching without Words: A Must See Ted Talk ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - 15 views

    "Words are the primary tools we use to convey meanings , of course there are non verbal tools as well but particularly in formal educational settings like schools and classrooms, words take the lion share of our language.

     Can you imagine yourself delivering a lesson with no words in it ? will it work? Well Peterson has an answer."

    Peterson is a guy who used to have dyslexia when he was young and he did not learn how to read till he was in grade five. As an adult now, he designed some great applications to help teachers teach students without having to say a word. These are basically interactive learning games based on formative feedback. Watch the 8 minutes video to see the revolution Peterson triggered by the use of his free-language teaching approach. Enjoy
John Evans

Walking Away From The Use Of Tech (by Jennifer Wagner) - 6 views

  • Take the time to look at some upcoming conferences and read the descriptions of many sessions. You will notice that they talk more about TECH than they do TEACHING. You will notice that the emphasis is on the tool rather than the outcome. We talk so much about the wonder OF tech that we make people wonder ABOUT tech.
    Is technology its own barrier or is it the way we are presenting technology in schools, talking about the tech rather than about the teaching?
Phil Taylor

Getting over the barriers to wiki adoption - 1 views

  • It won't be accurate—One of the most common and oft-repeated misconceptions of any collaborative authoring process in general, and wikis in particular, is that if a large group of people are contributing, then the influence of subject matter experts will be diluted and the resulting content will be full of inaccuracies. As noted previously, even an open, collaborative system will only attract a statistically small number of contributors. Those contributors tend to be the subject matter experts and people who have a vested interest in the subject matter. And when inaccuracies do occur, they are corrected a lot quicker than in traditional media. The net result of collaborative authoring is not only the perceived knowledge of designated experts, but also the informed contribution of others who are passionate about a subject and can bring a fresh perspective.
  • But, face-to-face meetings are not always practical, especially for a distributed team. In such instances, a collaborative workspace of any kind can be a real benefit
    ""It's about communication, not the tool." A sentiment I strongly agree with, but the new age of communication also needs tools that allow collaborative communication"
John Evans

Overcoming Technology Barriers: How to Innovate Without Extra Money or Support | Edutopia - 0 views

  • asked several innovators in the field about what practical steps teachers and administrators could take right away -- without making any major investments or waiting for policy shifts -- to improve technology integration in our classrooms. Here's what they suggest:
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