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Online Nation: Five Years of Growth - 0 views

    Five Years of Growth in Online Learning represents the fifth annual report on the state of online learning in U.S. higher education. This year's study, like those for the previous four years, is aimed at answering some of the fundamental questions about thenature and extent of online education, supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Do Children and Adults Learn Differently? - 1 views

    A study is presented of 11- to 12-year-old children and young adults engaged in an identical learning task.

Thinking and Learning Skills - 1 views

    Chapter 21 p486-492 Are Children Fundamentally Different Thinkers and Learners Than Adults
Jessica M

Promoting Community for Online Learners in Special Education - 0 views

  • strong interdependence with oth-ers and the feeling of being a member of a stable group
  • Numerous researchers in special education have examined online learn-ing from the perspective of student satisfaction and grades
  • and the idea that available technologies can be used to expand and support a sense of community.
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  • team-based work environments

National Online Learners Priorities Report 2011 - 1 views

    Online students' priorities for their learning experience
Diana Cary

Learners' Perspectives on what is Missing from Online Learning: Interpretations through... - 0 views

  • Concerns surrounding the lack of physical presence in an online learning environment have led researchers to investigate the concept of presence when learning online
  • Early work focused on social presence and the idea of participation and belonging
  • Social presence is a factor that contributes to building a community of learners
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  • "the degree of feeling, perception, and reaction to another intellectual entity in the CMC environment"
  • "feeling intimacy or togetherness in terms of sharing time and place"
  • "the ability of learners to project themselves socially and emotionally in a community of inquiry"
  • Five themes regarding what learners perceived was missing from their online learning experience emerged: robustness of online dialogue, spontaneity and improvisation, perceiving and being perceived by the other, getting to know others, and learning to be an online learner.
Diana Cary

The Rewards of Effective Facilitation of Online Learners - 0 views

  • Today with electronic bulletin boards, discussion boards, e-mail discussion groups, or chat areas, online learning can be interactive.
  • To reach non-traditional students and to meet their educational needs around the world, more colleges are turning to distance education. Current instructional technology can potentially provide effective learner-centered, personalized education for non-traditional, non-residential students around the globe. As students and faculty move from traditional, on-site learning and teaching, they must learn to make the necessary adjustments.
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