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Thomas GL

Groups' bookmarks in the Firefox sidebar - 55 views

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started by Thomas GL on 10 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
    > search through bookmarks of the groups I'm subscribed to

    Excluding topics?

    > select which group to search

    Intending to exclude all groups except one?

    If the intention is
    more, to find some thing
    (less, to exclude groups)
    then it could be good to have a single search that spans multiple groups (all groups of which you're a member).

    Put another way: if the intention is simply to find something, and standard search results allow you to find that thing quickly, then will matter whether groups are excluded?

    What do you think?

  • Thomas GL
    > Excluding topics?

    I don't know, I don't really care about topics. What I'm after is a good tool for sharing bookmarks within work teams, and that's why I'm evaluating Diigo and its groups features. We already use other tools for forum discussions.

    > Intending to exclude all groups except one?

    We can imagine an additional "All my groups" entry in the select list.

    But my main interest really is "one group at a time", just like I would get with the web interface, for at least two reasons:
    - one same tag often exists with different meanings within different groups. Both my work team and Diigo_HQ uses "bug", for instance, but I'm more likely to search through bugs my own projects than through Diigo's ones.
    - searching for one particular bookmark would not be the only purpose of this sidebar tab. There's also a linkroll-like aspect (display most recent bookmarks of a group). That's what you would get when not entering keywords (just like you see your own recent bookmarks in the "My Library" tab). And there, I don't want to mix bookmarks from the work team (the ones i really care about and that I would display most of the time) with bookmarks from some groups which I'm only subscribed to for spare time web browsing.
  • yc c
    Does anybody know if the sidebar can be accessed from the browser? Or is it inside the extension, locally?
    It would be good to make it accessible...

    If you happen to know the URL please tell me.

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