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yc c

Groups' bookmarks in the Firefox sidebar - 55 views

Does anybody know if the sidebar can be accessed from the browser? Or is it inside the extension, locally? It would be good to make it accessible... If you happen to know the URL please tell me. ...

suggestion groups sidebar Firefox search 553724 585941 990773

Graham Perrin

Find my own group forum posts - 446 views

Reviewing this topic following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 beta, and considering the unified approach to bookmarks and topics within groups: If a single search could span mult...

forums groups search group syntax help 553724 585941 990773

Graham Perrin

Diigo search fails to find matching expressions within a conversation - 31 views

> nothing conversational Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta improves search in many errors, the primary search field does not extend to the message area of Diigo. I imagine a feature such as this within Diig...

5.0 conversation search TTW GUI suggestion gpd4 553724 585941 990773

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