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Private/Public Unread Bookmarks for Research - 403 views

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  • Natetronn Jackson
    Hi, I was ask to post a feature request here by Joel Liu. Not sure if it is exactly what you guys are talking about or not.

    Anyway, my idea was to have a feature that enables bookmarks that are for a specific list or group to be only displayed while actually viewing that said list or group. All bookmarks are put into the bookmarks section at this point and also the list or group. Where as with my idea it would only put the bookmarks into the specific list or group.

    Or there could be a "hide to list/group option" link that while in bookmarks you could send the bookmark to a list or group and it would only display while in that list or group and not in the general bookmark area. Kind of like a folder system where you have files that are always there but, you have to go a level further in to see them. ie. into the list or group.

    I other words I don't want to have double bookmarks and as it stands now I have the same bookmark in the bookmarks section and I also have a duplicate in the list or group. I am not positive but it might actually make 3 if you send it to a list and a group and then the default bookmark section too.


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  • Natetronn Jackson
    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > >a "hide to list/group option" link

    > Hmm ... notions of private, shared and public are already sometimes blurred! But I think I know what you mean :)

    I think private, shared and public are ok. They seem to do what they are supposed to do. I want to be able to hide bookmarks from my self. I am talking about in my own dashboard. So kind of like an archive feature, or a folder feature and I think it should be done when you add a bookmark to a list and or group, it should only be visible while viewing that list or group and no where else in my own dashboard.

    Hope that's more clear if it wasn't already,

  • Natetronn Jackson
    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > Returning briefly to the word 'hide': Diigo aside, I think of how easy it is for people to misunderstand the expression. An infamous example would be, hidden comments in Microsoft Office Word. I could ramble on about this (and about privacy) but I don't want to mess up this topic :)

    Yes I understand what you mean. People might think since they hid a bookmark that it is also private. I think "archive to list" or "archive to group" may be the solution or possibly a synonym of archive would work too, if you know of any.

    With that said I also think if it is sent to a list that it should be archived by default and not added to "bookmarks" section of the dashboard, creating the "double bookmark" phenomena I was referring to in my previous posts.

  • Natetronn Jackson
    > Graham Perrin wrote:

    >in a note: Elsewhere, there's a requirement for public notes (such as this) to gain double/multiple representations.

    I am not sure what other requirement you are talking about though, I kind of look at it like this and will use an example of how my email account works.

    In a yahoo account if I create a new folder, which for this example "folder" will represent a list or group, and then I send an email to that folder it is not displayed in my inbox any longer, where inbox represents the "bookmarks" section of the dashboard. And if i want to access that email again I have to go into that folder.

    I believe there is an option to send bookmarks to a list and a group at the same time, only thing missing is the option to send it also to the "bookmarks" section of the dashboard too. I say again the "option" because as it stand right now it's not an option and I believe it should be.

    If it is sent it to a group then by default it should be public. If it is sent to a list then it should be public or private depending on that specific list's settings.

    If I sent it to my general bookmarks area of my dashboard then it should be public or private depending on my own settings.

    Also I think I should be able to send it simultaneously to any list or any group or to my bookmarks section, and any combination or multiples of those, all at the same time from the pop-up of the bookmark button on the toolbar.

  • Natetronn Jackson
    Scott Allam wrote:

    > Bookmarks are not being duplicated when they are saved in multiple lists. Its not like a standard "folder" style file management system. One bookmark can belong to hundreds of lists and its still only one bookmark. Where is the multiplicity here? Sorry if I am being dense.

    I can not speak for Graham but, when I say duplicates I am talking about the one in the "My Bookmarks" section of the dashboard and then one in a list and or group.

    I feel the "My Bookmarks" section is the issue since all bookmarks go there by default even if you sent it to a list or group.

    > One bookmark can belong to hundreds of lists and its still only one bookmark.

    Of course it's ok to "belong" to more then one list or group and so on and so on. It's the fact that there is not an option or choice for the bookmarks to belong or not belong to "My Bookmarks." It adds a bookmark there even if you directly add it to a list using the toolbar which is one such occasion where the duplication is coming into play. If there is no option then that kind of goes against the whole "My" in "My Bookmarks."

  • Natetronn Jackson
    Scott Allam wrote:
    > Well I think the intention of "My Bookmarks" is an all encompassing repository for ALL of your bookmarks. To have some included and others not, goes against that grain of how Diigo's product currently works. That is not a defense of how it works, mind you, just a statement of its current design.

    Yes that is how it currently works, your are correct. Though, if there is an option to add to list or group couldn't there be an option to or not to add to "My Bookmarks?" If not then maybe the name should be changed to, as you called it, the "all encompassing repository?" Because that is exactly what it is, a repository and not "My Bookmarks."

    I feel that a "Repository" and "My Bookmarks" should be two different things. Otherwise I will have to create another list called "My Bookmarks" which I don't think I should have to do. I believe that "My bookmarks" should not be a repository and in my case used for general bookmarks that are used on a daily basis. Or any bookmarks for that matter based on what a user feels embraces the whole "My" concept of "My Bookmarks."

    This is just my opinion of the current design and why it should be given another thought.

    >@ Graham Perrin
    It would be nice if in this image:

    actually had check boxes so you can add the new bookmark to any of the groups or lists that you have chosen like so in this example:
  • Natetronn Jackson
    Well I am not sure if I can add anything more to the post but before I go I would like to ask this:

    Can we change the name of "My Bookmarks" to "Bookmark Repository"? Because although I completely understand why it is there and how it works. I still feel it is missing that one item that makes it mine. Which is the option or choice to use it as I wish, which in my case is not as a repository. The "My" in "My Bookmarks" can mean allot of different things to the user. Where as Repository is more definite.


  • Natetronn Jackson
    I know I said I wouldn't be adding much more to this topic though, I had one other question if you guys do not mind:

    If I have a bunch of bookmarks that have been added to "My Bookmarks" yet, not to any list or group and later I choose to go through them, like a spring cleaning of sorts, and add them to some new lists, then in the future when I need to do some more organizing am I going to have to go back through all of these same bookmarks again? Or is there another way that I am not thinking of?

    I ask because I do not always have a list created and ready to go for each bookmark so aprox. 25% of the time they go into "My Bookmarks" unlisted or ungrouped until I can get back to them for organization. Sometimes these bookmarks are unread but, sometimes they are not.

    A simple question to what I am trying to say/ask:

    Is there or could there be an unlisted and or ungrouped filter?
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