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Delicious import says complete, but no tags or bookmarks - 71 views

delicious import missing bookmarks tags Firefox Windows 7

started by anonymous on 09 Feb 11
  • anonymous
    I signed up for Diigo in December and imported all my Delicious bookmarks. A few weeks later I got an email from Diigo saying the import was complete. However, when I went to my library, I saw only new bookmarks I had saved directly to Diigo, none of my Delicious bookmarks. Now it's a month a and half later and still no Delicious bookmarks. What's going on? I'd try importing again, but I don't want to end up with doubles of everything.
  • LC Stuff
    Same for me. I tried last month & still not data imported from Delicious despite the email saying it was done.
  • sandy_diigo
    I am looking into this issue.
  • anonymous
    Sandy, any progress on this?
  • sandy_diigo
    Having checked in database,I found that the file you uploaded is an empty file,which contains no bookmarks.
    Can you please try to export from delicious again?

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