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Contents contributed and discussions participated by jplumey


Bookmarks from the toolbar - 13 views

bookmarks toolbar question
started by jplumey on 19 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
  • jplumey
    Is there a way to browse bookmarks by tag via the toolbar? If not, is there a way to search just the bookmarks from the toolbar?
Nick West

what happened to the "Read Later" button? - 343 views

toolbar suggestion
  • jplumey
    Me too! I used that daily. Where did it go?
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  • jplumey
    I really miss this feature. I've just installed the Read It later plugin for Firefox. I'd rather use diigo for everything but seeing as you've taken away a useful feature AND you never bothered to tell us about the change, maybe it's for the best.
  • jplumey

    May I ask what was the reason for removing it in the first place?

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Ok. We will rethink about the feature.
  • jplumey
    I noticed that this feature is still missing. Are you planning on bringing it back? For my part, my use of Diigo has really dropped since this feature was removed.
  • jplumey
    I don't know about the IE toolbar, but the feature was pulled (as acknowledged here by Joel) from the Firefox toolbar some time back. They were going to review it and presumably put it back, but the latest update still lacks the feature.
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