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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Erudite


"Bookmark this page" toolbar icon missing - 35 views

toolbar icons BookmarkThisPage Missing Firefox
started by Erudite on 07 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
  • Erudite

    When I last started FF 3.0.12, Diigo toolbar didn't display properly. when i restarted, it now shows fine, but there's no "Bookmark" this.

    I checked the settings and its not an option on my things to display in my toolbar.

    I can still right-click and bookmark.

Tools/Tagrolls Problems - 28 views

Tagrolls alphabetical blog count bugs bug
started by Erudite on 13 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Brennan Moore

Comments Requests Reccomendations - 85 views

comments discussion features feedback
started by Brennan Moore on 29 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Erudite
    Ditto. Its a very well designed user interface. So I'm here to complain about the very few things I don't like (there are dozens that I do like, but you are mostly aware of them....

    I'm using FF 3, wih the plugin. However, I don't want to use the whole sidebar to access the functionality most of the time, just the button. However, the most common thing I do is to click the "bookmark" button, (which is a separate button). I think I wish the functionality was part of the dropdown (you never know until you test).

    Second, why do I have to hit the bookmark button twice to get the window to come up? (a bug, obviously, becuase this is only true the first tme I hit te button. If I close the window, and hit the button again, there's no problem... Yes, I could hit the right-click for this. I just prefer not to.

    the third thing I wish I could do was to comment from the buttondropdown.

    I don't see why "import" is there. I needed that once (thanks, I wouldn't have used Diigo w/o it).

    I'd like to make my notes public by default (You should want this too). In fact, I don't see how to make my highlights public by default (I'm a pretty advanced user, so I 'd suggest putting it in the info that comes up when you hover after highlighting), and adding the public/private option to Options- >highlights and bookmarks.
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