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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Brennan Moore

Brennan Moore

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  • Brennan Moore
    I have been using this bookmarking service for the past week, recommending it to friends and people at work and have come across some important criticisms. Some of these you may already be addressing.

    I say this because I find this to be one of the most well engineered web apps I have seen....ever. It is extraordinarily thorough and well integrated into the older and competing technology that it seeks to replace. The usability is the issue.
    Here are my criticisms (mostly visual)

    -custom color scheme - I think that you can add something as simple as the 'paint it black button' or something as thorough as the netvibes interface to allow a user to feel at home in your space without affecting your branding. The web 2.0 blue is old. Your...pretty much web 3.0 anyway so have some 3.0 visual standards (whatever the hell that means)

    -sorting - the ability to control how bookmarks are ordered (ie not by date). Ideally one could drag them up and down or place them in tabs via a drag.

    -date - the exact hours ago that I bookmarked a site is extraordinarily irrelevant 99% of the time. Please allow the removal of this information.

    -pictures- a little screen shot of the web page next to the bookmark as a custom option. A bit like twine, but you can do better.

    -toolbar- add multiple pages of bookmarks. I don't want to go back to diigo to go to older bookmarks.

    -ability to send bookmarks w/o a firefox plugin. (again like twine) but please not like twine. It will have to happen for you to tap into that user base. Which may be small (people who use IE or Safari etc but try out beta web bookmarking apps) hmm…It will have to be made at some point.

    thats it.
    Please make this or something like this a sticky in your forums to assist in the development of your software.

    reduce the user's cognitive load

    thanks for reading
  • Brennan Moore
    I apologize for not being entirely clear

    the tabs-
    much like how you can create folders in Firefox in your bookmarks toolbar. It is mostly a use ability and convenience concern. Just another means of organizing bookmarks quickly and easily. I realize that this can already be done through groups but the physicality of dragging things to a folder for organization is very standardized and intuitive. It feels quicker than having to manually label everything Basically a drag to an auto group space could potentially be created in an ajax script.
    -How I envision this is a section to the right of the bookmarks where one could drag a bookmark into a folder then access that folder via a drop down tab

    sticky- in a message board, is a topic that is locked at the top, so that there aren't lots of separate topics about basically the same thing.

    in the diigo sidebar-
    -at the bottom have 'page 2' , 'next page'
    -and the option to eliminate the viewing of the date. I realize the date is important for organization but I already know bookmarks are sorted by date. When i am searching for a bookmark the time i bookmarked it is rarely of any use, so why do i need to see it…

    i was unaware of this, thanks!

    a manual sort. move a bookmark one up or down with a little button. These applications are commonly used to show clients website examples. So usually we will make a page, group or account for them to brows competitive or conceptually similar pages. It is helpful to be able to manually reorder them.

    yea kinda unnecessary and i see the criticism that its far too bandwidth heavy and problematic.

    thanks much
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