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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Emanuele Rusconi

Ellen H.

excluding tags from search results - 280 views

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  • Emanuele Rusconi
    It's *exactly* the feature I miss the most in every tagging environment, Google, delicious, whatever.
    Logical operations ("and", "and not", "or") seems to me such an obviously handy, no not handy, *needed* feature when working with tags that I'm really surprised it's ignored by almost all developers.
    The only service I found that implements this is Simpy - which has however its minuses on other features -, and in Google mail and bookmarks you can use the search field to write a proper search string (but this is quite far from being an elegant solution...).
  • Emanuele Rusconi
    That would be good news, but I just tried the feature and it's buggy: the results are correct, I think, but only a subset of the related tags is shown, and it doesn't work with tags starting with "-".
    And even if it worked it would fall into my "inelegant solution" category.
    To be really useful it should be implemented as buttons aside the related tags, the same way "AND" is currently managed (of course boolean constructors in the search field would be a nice plus, anyway).
  • Emanuele Rusconi
    Oliver S. wrote:
    > Another thing: Can you give me an example of a tag starting with a hyphen? I can't think of one, because I only have hyphens within tags but never in front of them.

    I use some "service tags" like -tmp-, -personal-, -meta-.
    Now they are _tmp, _personal, _meta :-)
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