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Yoni Blumberg

Seeing what lists bookmarks are in... (still waiting) - 40 views

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started by Yoni Blumberg on 23 Mar 10
  • Yoni Blumberg
    As a former Furl user, I am still waiting for a feature very important to usability: the ability to see what lists a bookmark is in no matter where I am viewing it.

    As of now, I can only see what lists a bookmark is in if I look in the general panel from "All Bookmarks" or unread or private or public or whatever...
    If I look from a list, I can't see what other lists the bookmark might be in. I realize Diigo does not like lists and does not do much to support them (and certainly has not seemed to have any intention of implementing sublists or anything more hierarchical, despite some noted community interest), but the ability to see what lists a bookmark is in should be a very basic feature...

    I don't know anything about the backend of lists or their structure, but this could be done with another attribute or invisible tags that say "Lists: _______" and show up wherever you are looking at a bookmark. If I'm not being given a better feature to remove and add to multiple lists at once (*which is what I would like in the edit pane*) then at least the ability to see where a bookmark is added would help me organize better...

    And before someone suggests it, I don't want to have to use lists only through personally adding tags that say "List: Design" and "List: Policy" etc etc.... I, as other, believe that the ideal organizational system is not solely hierarchical or solely tag-based, but rather a hybrid system allowing access to information through multiple points of access.

    Thank you,
    Yoni Blumberg
  • Graham Perrin
    Cross reference (2010-01-11)
    See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list

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