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Suzannah Claire

Piracy & RSS Feeds for Articles - 48 views

comments highlights reader RSS sticky note suggestion

started by Suzannah Claire on 16 Sep 08
  • Suzannah Claire
    I am not sure how to word this, but i think it's extremely important.

    Currently, the format of the rss feeds of bookmarks that contain comments, highlights, and the like, can so easily cause confusion as to what content is the bookmarker, and what content is the bookmarkee.

    I feel as though it is important to be a little more specific. Perhaps the words "posted by [diigouser] should be posted in front of the bookmarkers comments, or perhaps the words in the highlight should show up in the feeds as a different color, or in quotes.

    I hesitate to share my bookmark feeds on popular readers like google reader because of this, and fears of being called a content pirate, but I feel as though doing so would give HUGE benefits to diigo visibility. it would really introduce diigo to a massive userbase, and show it's sharing capabilities.

    any thoughts?

    for the time being, I am going to take a run over to feedburner and see if there is anyway to doing this myself in terms of formatting feeds.

    take care! VIVA DIIGO!

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