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Yoni Blumberg

Diigo Slow to Update and Inconsistently Displaying as Private - 129 views

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started by Yoni Blumberg on 23 Mar 10
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  • Yoni Blumberg
    Diigo seems to be stuck on displaying bookmarks however they were initially marked. This manifests itself both using the FF add-on and using the website itself.

    When I add a bookmark using the Firefox add-on, the results are inconsistent leading to unusual and confusing results such as the one shown here:

    If I click the "one-click" bookmarking button (bottom three) and then click again to open the bookmarking window and uncheck "private" and "unread" and add tags. This results in the tags not showing up on Diigo and the bookmarks showing as unread (incorrectly) having a private icon next to them (incorrectly) but showing up in the public listing not the private one (as they should).

    If I click "bookmark" and then uncheck private and add tags, it works as it should. (see eduStyle entry)

    Finally, if I click bookmark, forget to uncheck the default private setting, and then add tags, the tags show up like they should. However, even after I hit "bookmark" again and uncheck private, Diigo incorrectly keeps the padlock icon next to the bookmark as it does for the bottom three. (see top entry)

    Has anyone encountered this situation with the Firefox add-on? It might be that Diigo is just slow to realize the changes, but I want to know where the tags I entered for those bottom three bookmarks are, if they will show up later, and why the different results for the different methods.

    Also, Diigo also seems slow to update through the website too. When I change a bookmark through the Diigo website from private to public, it stops showing in the private section of my bookmarks (as it should) but the count for bookmarks marked as private remains what it was before I changed the bookmark to public (this is incorrect as the count should be one lower). Additionally, these tags exist somewhere; for example, I tagged a site from the ASPA (American Political Science Association) "political science"... in my list of tags, "political science shows 1 entry. However, when I click "political science," no results are found...
    This mystery of the disappearing tags is bothering me...

    P.S. This is a separate topic, but why is the Firefox add-on more feature-full than the actual Diigo website. For example, why doesn't the website include features such as "used last time" or "commonly used" tags?
  • stranded_storm
    Having the same problem as you.
    Don't know what is happening.
    I even updated my toolbar to the today's Diigo version.
    Still having problems identical to yours.
    Maybe they are updating the site.
  • Yoni Blumberg
    stranded_storm (I read your post on the main page, I'm not sure why it requires approval),

    Are you using Firefox or another browser?
  • stranded_storm
  • Graham Perrin
    > add tags. This results in the tags not showing up on Diigo

    Tags for this topic: dataloss, priority

    Looking at this and other recent topics, my guess is that some part of Diigo service is read-only at the moment. No service announcement at so I guess that it's a bug (not scheduled maintenance).
  • Yoni Blumberg

    Re your first response: Thank you, but I should have clarified that I meant within the bookmarking part of the site (e.g. when I click "edit" a bookmark and go to add tags, in the toolbar I have the ones I used last time, but the website doesn't do this... I assume the toolbar uses cookies but I don't know why the website couldn't keep it as a temporary part of my account that changes)

    Re your second response: Thanks; the problem is still happening and the tags never showed up... I guess I'll readd them myself? Edit: The problem seems to have corrected itself, insofar as the bookmarks referenced above now all show as unread and have their corresponding tags. The lesson however seems to be that using the one-click bookmark button or any toolbar method other than directly hitting bookmark and doing it all correctly the first time results in slower updates... Either way, glad to have those tags back and have it work itself out eventually


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