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Manoj Chandrasekharan

Can't find my watchlists..! - 46 views

Diigo help watchlist missing network tag follow orientation filter suggestion

started by Manoj Chandrasekharan on 03 Oct 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    I can't recall much about watchlist features, mine was broken for a very long time before I realised that multiple tags were the problem. Not so in Diigo 4.0 beta: that bug is fixed :)

    Please, what is is that you're not getting from the networks feature set?

    (I can see at least one area for improvement, but I'd prefer the group to gain other people's suggestions before my own…)
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin
    Thank you so much for the feedback!

    Now, a confession: for some of those types of search, I don't know the Diigo 4.0 beta route! (I stumbled across the syntax whilst reviewing old topics.)

    I have tagged this topic 'orientation' and I'll draw some group highlights over its short URL
  • yc c
    Seems I not the only one : I can't find my way around Diigo4.0!

    Some importart links are missing, like:


    Before I used to click in the top links on my name but now it's not a link anymore.

    Maybe there is one but I didn't see it and I do consider myself as not having any accessibility problems to get around.
  • Graham Perrin
    When I'm in any of the following areas:
    Diigo home | My Library | My Network | My Groups | Community
    - wherever there is the large Diigo logo and the heavy blue stripe from far left to far right - the uppermost contextual menu reads:

    Graham Perrin | Messages | Friends | Tools | Profile | Settings | Sign Out

    When you're I'm within a group area, the uppermost contextual menu is refined accordingly:

    Graham Perrin | My Library | My Network | Message | Friends | Profile | Settings | Sign Out

    I can't remember how it was on day one following the upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta but maybe the Diigo team have quietly improved the uppermost contextual menu based on feedback such as yuppi c's :)
  • yc c
    Oh yes - sorry =O
    I was hoping my name would be the link, like before.

    Still I do have difficulty getting where I want.

    So maybe you can tell how to get a a bookmark page ( from the library?

    For now I find myself opening the link and using my bookmarklet
  • Graham Perrin
    > how to get a a bookmark page … from the library?

    Please join the new discussion at
    an easier route from a library page (of many bookmarks) to a page that focuses on a single bookmark

  • Graham Perrin

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