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Katy Eyman

Nine Elements - 0 views

  • Digital Access:   full electronic participation in society.
  • All people should have fair access to technology no matter who they are. 
  • Digital Commerce:   electronic buying and selling of goods.
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  • Digital Communication:   electronic exchange of information.
  • Digital Literacy:   process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.
  • 5. Digital Etiquette:   electronic standards of conduct or procedure.
  • 6.   Digital Law:   electronic responsibility for actions and deeds
  • 7.   Digital Rights & Responsibilities:   those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.
  • 8.   Digital Health & Wellness:   physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.
  • Digital Security (self-protection):   electronic precautions to guarantee safety.
  • We need to have virus protection, backups of data, and surge control of our equipment. As responsible citizens, we must protect our information from outside forces that might cause disruption or harm
  • psychological issues that are becoming more prevalent such as Internet addiction.
  • protect themselves through education and training.
  • basic set of rights extended to every digital citizen. Digital citizens have the right to privacy, free speech, etc.
  • Digital law deals with the ethics of technology within a society. Unethical use manifests itself in form of theft and/or crime.
    Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship
Michael O'Connor

Netiquette - 0 views

  • The Golden Rule of Netiquette is to: do unto others online as you would have done to you.
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