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Carla Shinn

Catching Up With The Kids: Moving School Libraries Into The New Media Era - 45 views

    Libraries have done a world of good for schools. They provide a self-directed learning environment and a quiet place to work and study - not to mention the wealth of carefully organized stories, articles, reference materials and other information for students to use whenever they need it. It's no secret that the library is essentially a campus warehouse for media products.

    Trouble is, media is changing....
    I heard that a lot of school libraries closed recently. That's too bad. Maybe this could help school libraries alive.
Craig Seasholes

Information Literacy - Professionaltips - 0 views

    ALA infoliteracy page, good resources
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Crece el interés por las redes sociales de lectores - 1 views

    Los lectores empiezan a tener cada vez más presencia en las redes sociales especializadas para la lectura. Ya existen multitud de plataformas en todo el mundo como Library Thing, Goodreads, Spinebreakers o aquí la recién llegada Entrelectores. Se está demostrando cómo este tipo de redes pueden ayudar a incrementar la visibilidad de un libro.
Joyce Valenza

Learning Tools Family Feud (video) - 21 views

    The most fun any of us ever had presenting a workshop!
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Más allá de la Folcsonomía - 2 views

    La Web 2.0, con sus aplicaciones y servicios, posibilitó interconexiones sociales que, hasta hace pocos años, solo se daban en historias de ciencia ficción. La Folcsonomía es una de estas interconexiones y se relaciona directamente con dos conceptos que la posibilitan: Marcadores sociales y Etiquetado. El concepto de Folcsonomía, novedoso y complejo, difícil de precisar y definir, únicamente se da cuando confluyen el uso de aplicaciones de marcadores sociales y la actividad de etiquetado por parte de los usuarios de Internet. Por lo tanto, para entenderla debemos tener claridad en lo referente a cada uno de sus dos componentes.
Pam Jeffrey

Digitally Speaking / Blogging - 7 views

  • Using Feed Readers


    Feed readers are probably the most important digital tool for today's learner because they make sifting through the amazing amount of content added to the Internet easy.  Also known as aggregators, feed readers are free tools that can automatically check nearly any website for new content dozens of times a day---saving ridiculous amounts of time and customizing learning experiences for anyone. 


    Imagine never having to go hunting for new information from your favorite sources again.  Learning goes from a frustrating search through thousands of marginal links written by questionable characters to quickly browsing the thoughts of writers that you trust, respect and enjoy.


    Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?


    It's not!  Here's a Commoncraft tutorial explaining RSS Feeds in Plain English:


Beverley Humphrey

Free Web 2.0 Books - 0 views

    Downloadable PDFs on using web 2.0 in education with age graded projects
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