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Cathy Oxley

Web 3.0 promises change for libraries - WEB 3.0 - Research Information - 24 views

    The term 'Web 3.0' reflects a momentous change in the way we view the web. Some of the possible avenues for the future include the 3D web, the semantic web, and the real world web.
Cathy Oxley

Welcome to Web 3.0 - 1 views

    The Web 1.0 concept was simple: web pages linking to web pages. Then came Web 2.0 - a powerful movement from web pages to web applications. Web 2.0 applications have evolved into often slick viewports into proprietary or personal collections of information. This means they still primarily house data in silos inaccessible to and disconnected from the larger world, and most importantly, from each other.

    But as we approach 2009, the clear outlines of the new web are forming. Some call this next generation the Semantic Web, but we think that term is confining, and so, instead, we refer to it as simply Web 3.0.

    The new web is moving beyond connecting pages to interconnecting data objects, concepts, and things. Ultimately Web 3.0 is really about creating technology that more accurately mirrors how we see and think about the world around us.

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