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Jamie Camp

Goal setting: of distractions and staying yar | Not So Distant Future - 5 views

    Wow. How hard it is to keep all the balls in the air--and to decide which ones you should just let drop!
Neil Krasnoff

Project Information Literacy - 22 views

    Collection of resources, including research studies regarding information seeking behavior and info lit instruction
Librarian Shannon

Learning: In Our Own Words Instructors Page « Learning Commons - 1 views

    Welcome to the academic literacies video series: Learning: In Our Own Words! This series was developed as a unique in-house instructional tool to assist York University instructors (faculty, TAs, librarians, counselors, writing instructors etc.)  in the advancement of academic literacies instruction. It is a teaching tool meant to engage students in critical discussion (reflect, question, analyze and discuss) around their academic skills and experiences.
Penny Setser

The Book Chook: Children's Writing- Charlotte's Web Comic Maker - 18 views

    Making your own comic at the website is a simple matter of first choosing a layout. On the next screen, you are shown your layout and must add characters, objects, settings and bubbles to each frame. There are menu controls: flip, delete, make bigger/smaller, bring forward/back and rotate to help customise the pictures. The speech bubbles are easily edited for text. Kids can also see sample pages for inspiration. Once done, a child's creation can be printed out, or he can take a screen grab to save a digital copy.
Anthony Beal

Library 2.0 - the future of libraries in the digital age - Virtual Conference, Novembe... - 9 views

    We are pleased to announce the Library 2.011 World-wide Virtual Conference, November 2 - 3, 2011.  The conference will be held online, in multiple time zones over the course of two days, and will be free to attend. The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor.
Cathy Oxley

Libraries to Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries - 33 views

    Excellent information and ideas to get started.
Jenny Odau

Springshare - Content and Knowledge Management Tools for Libraries and Education - 2 views

    building library website
Dennis OConnor

ALA | Interview with Keith Curry Lance - 1 views

  • A series of studies that have had a great deal of influence on the research and decision-making discussions concerning school library media programs have grown from the work of a team in Colorado—Keith Curry Lance, Marcia J. Rodney, and Christine Hamilton-Pennell (2000).
  • Recent school library impact studies have also identified, and generated some evidence about, potential "interventions" that could be studied. The questions might at first appear rather familiar: How much, and how, are achievement and learning improved when . . . librarians collaborate more fully with other educators? libraries are more flexibly scheduled? administrators choose to support stronger library programs (in a specific way)? library spending (for something specific) increases?
  • high priority should be given to reaching teachers, administrators, and public officials as well as school librarians and school library advocates.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Perhaps the most strategic option, albeit a long-term one, is to infiltrate schools and colleges of education. Most school administrators and teachers never had to take a course, or even part of a course, that introduced them to what constitutes a high-quality school library program.
  • Three factors are working against successful advocacy for school libraries: (1) the age demographic of librarians, (2) the lack of institutionalization of librarianship in K–12 schools, and (3) the lack of support from educators due to their lack of education or training about libraries and good experiences with libraries and librarians.
  • These vacant positions are highly vulnerable to being downgraded or eliminated in these times of tight budgets, not merely because there is less money to go around, but because superintendents, principals, teachers, and other education decision-makers do not understand the role a school librarian can and should play.
  • If we want the school library to be regarded as a central player in fostering academic success, we must do whatever we can to ensure that school library research is not marginalized by other interests.    
    A great overview of Lance's research into the effectiveness of libraries.  He answers the question: Do school libraries or librarians make a difference?  His answer (A HUGE YES!) is back by 14 years of remarkable research.  The point is proved.  But this information remains unknown to many principals and superintendents.  Anyone interested in 21st century teaching and learning will find this interview fascinating.
Jennifer Garcia

Patron - 8 views

    Ask Now Ask a librarian online reference desk National state libraries Australasia
Donna Baumbach

New: A Guide to Using Web 2.0 in Libraries « ResourceShelf - 0 views

    pdf document: + What is Web 2.0? + Why use Web 2.0? + Benefits of Web 2.0 + Implementing Web 2.0 Services + Staffing Implications of Web 2.0 + Legal Implications of Web 2.0 + Integrating Web 2.0 + Web 2.0 and Future-Proofing + Web 2.0 and Internal Systems
Jennifer Garcia

14 Ways K-12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media by Joyce Valenza - 15 views

    "14 Ways K-12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media by Joyce Valenza"
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