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Tarmo Toikkanen

Personalized Assessment - 1 views

    Good ideas on different approaches to assessment
Eija Kalliala

Assessment Strategies for the Flipped Classroom | Faculty Focus - 1 views

    Pohdintaa siitä, miten käänteistä opetusta arvioidaan.
Tero Toivanen

Taking others' assessments: How brave are your educators? - Dangerously Irrelevant - 0 views

    Tässä blogikirjoituksessa on hurja ja hieno idea: Jakaa koulussa tekemämme kokeet oman koulumme opettajille niin, ettei koealue ole oma opettamamme aihe. Kokeiden pitäminen ei välttämättä edistä oppimista. Onko opetettava sisältö todella tarpeellista ja oppivatko oppilaat niistä?
Tero Toivanen

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Reaffirms OER Support, Highlights Competency-Based Assessment | EDUCAUSE - 1 views

  • And she noted that the department and the Obama Administration’s commitment to OER began “at the top,” with President Obama highlighting his support for “the creation of a new online and open source clearinghouse of courses” to help higher education achieve the goal of making the United States first in the world in the proportion of students graduating from college by 2020.
  • all the new intellectual property produced as a result of those grants, whether it’s a new open course or modules, or new kinds of learning materials,… would be released with a Creative Commons CC-BY license
    Yhdysvalloissa vihreätä valoa avoimille oppimisympäristöille.
Tero Toivanen

2011.11 OERu Meeting summary - WikiEducator - 0 views

  • In thinking about the next evolution of open learning, TRU Open Learning has conceptualized a new model for open education. In keeping with our outcomes based philosophy of higher education we can envision a truly open model for higher education. Judith Murray refers to this new model as "Open Education 2.0". The conceptual framework for "Open Education 2.0" requires us to think not only in terms of the "Traditional Model", but in addition to envision a parallel model where we can have Any learner, using Any material, and being supported (taught, instructed, facilitated, mentored, tutored) by Anyone, to achieve learning which is then subjected to Our assessment, in order to receive Our credit, which can be applied towards Our credential.
    • Tero Toivanen
      OER-yliopiston myötä syntymässä uusi käsitteellinen viitekehys oppimiselle: "Open Education 2.0"
Tero Toivanen

Future Education Tech: Schools, like newspapers must adapt or die - 1 views

  • What's the goal, the one unifying everything that we need from technology? It's really quite simple... One device with ubiquitous access to information via the internet.
  • That's all we need. Paper, gone. Books, gone.
  • Assessment is one of the key components of technology in education.
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  • If you look at how radically technology is changing the face of the newspaper industry, who can say it won't have the same effect on our school system?
  • with M.I.T. and Yale and Harvard offering free online content of a wide variety of courses, how can small schools distinguish themselves
    Koulun on muuttuttava tai sille käy kuten sanomalehdille uhkaa käydä.
Tarmo Toikkanen

Quia - 3 views

    Online quizzes and other activities, collected by teachers.
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