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Emily Rimland

Google's and Facebook's facial recognition opt-in policies are a smokescreen. - Slate M... - 1 views

    Great article that's about ethics of online technologies. Many of the analogies stuck me as similar to making sure technology enhances learning and not using it just for technology's sake.
Allan Gyorke

Facebook Introduces Video Chat in a Partnership With Skype - - 0 views

    "Hoping to give its users a more intimate way to stay in touch, Facebook on Wednesday introduced video chatting inside its online social network through a deal with Skype, the Internet calling service. "
    Interesting partnership between two communication giants.

    Much of the rest of the article discusses this as a counter-attack on Google+. Honestly, this must have been in the works for a while, but it's also okay if it is true. When companies feel the need to innovate to stay competitive, users win.
Robin Smail

Stay N Alive: Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely - 3 views

    While I agree to a degree, there are lots if people I still subscribe to b/c they choose to not be a part of twitter or fb. That and quite a bit of what I read is related to the joys of HE administration and no one links to that stuff!
Cole Camplese

How Facebook is Killing Your Authenticity - steve's blog - 0 views

    I don't see fb as a broadcast platform the way the author does ... it is a broadcast platform, but what I see in fb is an attempt to be a whole other Internet of sorts.  An Internet that is constructed by much more passive users that live within the space itself.  All the links, articles, and now comments are being ingested at an amazing rate as they add more users.  How long until fb becomes one of the top search engines?  That is what I mean by "a whole other Internet."  I wonder if that makes any sense whatsoever?
    I think he's on to something. I think the integration of Facebook with multiple services has made people rethink how it's being used. Do people want all of their information made available to all of their associates? Some will say yes, but many others not. Even college kids who grew up with this technology are not willing to give it total control, much as kids growing up watching TV are very skeptical of TV ads. Facebook may be ubiquitous, but it may lose it's personal character and become just another utility like the phone or e-mail.
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