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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Cole Camplese

Cole Camplese

Social Media Toolkit - Social Media Toolkit - 0 views

    Social media for Vanderbilt medical school
Cole Camplese

Social Media Toolkit - Mobile Apps - 0 views

  • This centralized resource was set up in order to avoid duplication of resources, to ensure consistency of quality and user interface/experience and to be sure branding guidelines are followed.
    Resource from Vanderbilt for getting an iOS app in the App Store.
Cole Camplese

Rands In Repose: Hacking is Important - 2 views

  • “We’re barbarians, not bureaucrats!”
  • Hackers are allergic to process not because they don’t understand the value; they’re allergic to it because it violates their core values. These values are well documented in Zuckerberg’s letter: “Done is better than perfect”, “Code wins arguments”, and that “Hacker culture is extremely open and meritocratic”.
  • Reasonable people are often scared by the new. This is because reasonable people are not Barbarians and they are not hackers. They appreciate the predictable, profitable, and knowable world that comes with a well-defined process, and I would like to thank each and everyone of them because these people keep the trains running and on time. No one likes Barbarians because the Barbarian strategy is one at odds with civilization.
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  • Having never sat with one of these projects, I can only infer how they work, but when you see the results, you know for certain - these guys and gals are hacking. Their projects are the definition of ambition, you’ve never heard their names, they are small and fast-moving, and they are outsiders in their own company. Sound familiar?
  • Yes, there is internal jealously about the teams performing the wizardry that resulted in products like the iPad, the iPhone, and AppleTV. There are people wondering, Why wasn’t I invited to the hacking? Yes, this did create some elitism, but, for better or worse, the secrecy kept this discussion out of the mainstream.
  • Don’t for a moment think I don’t value these people, because I happen to be one of them, but I am also intimately aware that the people who grow the company are not same people who found it.
  • someone outside the company will invade, because they know what you forgot: hacking is important.
Cole Camplese

Learning Technologies - Yammer - 2 views

  • Yammer enables co-workers to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links and other information. It’s your virtual watercooler that helps you get things done faster. Find answers to questions, connect with colleagues and learn more about what is going on around ECU on Yammer.
Cole Camplese

New Cultures of Scholarship - Christopher P. Long's ePortfolio - 4 views

  • The presentation is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical background that helps us put the transformation of literacy through which we are living into a wider context. In the second part, I focus on a few of the ways I have sought to integrate digital technologies into my scholarly practices. 
Cole Camplese

Simply Speaking - Teaching and Learning with Technology - 5 views

  • Simply Speaking is a series of brief videos created by Teaching and Learning with Technology that explain technology topics in everyday language and with a little humor. They are modeled after the "... in plain english" videos that explain more general technologies such as Google Docs.
Cole Camplese

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company's Productivity - 5 views

  • “Email is our personal to-do list that anybody adds to – whether they know us or not.”
  • Even more so – it seems acceptable to people to be annoyed with you for not responding to their emails.
  • Here’s the thing: I actually do care about responding to people. I will even take to emailing people I don’t know offering small bits of advice. I try to be helpful. But if I spent my day doing this – or many other email tasks – I’d never get ANYTHING else done. Just this evening I’ve done a shit-tonne of emails as those that received them from me can attest. My last one went out past midnight.
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  • And tomorrow starts with another breakfast meeting. That’s my treadmill. And why I’ll never spend my entire life inside my email box.
Cole Camplese

So When are We Getting an ANGEL Replacement, Anyway? - Onward State - 4 views

  • So there you have it. We’ll know for sure which course management system the University plans on using by the end of the year. Hopefully. Thank goodness, because we all know how much #ANGELsucks.
Cole Camplese

Google Announces Sweeping Accessibility Improvements for Visually Challenged Users - 1 views

  • Google has announced a new initiative to increase accessibility for visually challenged users on its major Web services. In advance of the upcoming school year, Google is rolling out accessibility improvements to Docs, Sites and Calendars. Google is hosting a live webinar for enterprise customers - which include educational institutions - on Wednesday, September 21 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Cole Camplese

How Long Does It Take To Develop An Hour Of Elearning? | Upside Learning Blog - 5 views

  • As I was looking through my feeds this morning, I noticed a post from Karl Kapp in which he mentions a presentation by the Chapman Alliance, which talks about development costs for an hour of Elearning based on a survey.
Cole Camplese

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning | In "Piglet mode?" Break open a New Fac... - 4 views

  • I thought my husband was a little crazy the day he bought bags and bags of emergency preparedness items for our home. We’re talking flashlights, a solar/battery/wind-up weather radio, bandages, blankets…you name it…all tucked into the closet under our stairs.
  • I tell that story because I think it’s applicable to new faculty. New faculty get thrown into the day-to-day course prep, research, advising, working with students, committee work, etc. and they don’t have time to prepare for the unexpected. Whether the unexpected is a minor flesh wound or a storm that damages nearby neighborhoods, new faculty may not be ready for those circumstances.
    Really smart idea ... might be worth considering as a partnership between TLT and Schreyer Institute?
Cole Camplese

ELearning Platform Reviews - ETS - 3 views

    In early 2010, Cole Camplese, then Director of Education Technology Services at Penn State, created a Web site (hereafter referred to as the OCDM wiki) that invited University Park learning designers and administrators to provide a summary of their unit's online course development models in order to capture a snapshot of practice at Penn State's main campus. In Summer 2010, an invitation was sent to the entire learning design community at Penn State to elicit the same information for other campus locations.  In January 2011, Ann Taylor, Assistant Director of the Dutton e-Education Institute in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and Chair of the Senate Outreach Committee, joined Camplese in his efforts to gather and analyze information about University-wide course development models. Several additional invitations were made to the University community, asking learning designers and administrators to update and/or to add their unit's online course development model summary to the OCDM wiki.
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