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Cole Camplese

Social Media Toolkit - Social Media Toolkit - 0 views

    Social media for Vanderbilt medical school
Derek Gittler

The Perils of Classifying Social Media Platforms as Public Utilities | Mercatus - 1 views

    Social Media are not essential facilities. Those who claim that Facebook is a "social utility" or "social commons" must admit that such sites are not essential to survival, economic success, or online life. Unlike water and electricity, life can go on without social networking services.
Allan Gyorke

Social Media in the Classroom? - Walking in LA - 4 views

    • Some of the key takeaways are:

      • 38% of respondents agree or strongly agree that educators should use social media to reach students where they are, while 24% disagree or strongly disagree.  To me, the fact that 39% rated this item as "neutral" says that many faculty are still trying to figure this out. 

      • 58% agree or strongly agree that social media can be a valuable tool for collaborative learning, and 70% believe video, podcasts, blogs and wikis are valuable tools for teaching.
      • 80% of faculty reported that they were using social media in some aspect of a course that they are teaching. 

      • A smaller number of respondents felt Facebook and Twitter had value in the classroom, though it was interesting to see that they rated Facebook as a tool that they use personally (57%) and professionally (45%) outside of class. 
      The statistic that really blew me away was the fact that 91% of faculty use social media either for professional purposes or in their classes, or both, and a similar study conducted by McKinsey of workplaces showed only 47% used it.  Are faculty in higher education more cutting edge than they are given credit for?  This statistic seems to indicate that. 
    John Dolan's highlights of a new Pearson-related study on perceptions of social media in higher education. Some interesting stuff in there. I'll have to look more closely at the study to see if I can trust some of these findings.
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