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Chris Betcher

I dare you to measure the "value" I add « No Sleep 'til Summer:: - 5 views

  • But never will you be able to judge me or my students by one day or one test. Never will I give one iota of care about your tests, no matter how hard I work to help my students to do their best on it, knowing they aren’t meant to pass it because it is written far above their reading levels, and were written with native English speakers in mind. You can’t measure me as a teacher, because you haven’t imagined teachers like me or classes like mine. Their experiences are outside yours.
  • Tell me how important your data and tests are, and I will tell you how I don’t value your data because it tells me so little about my students yet so much about your educational system.
  • Your data says one thing: your system is what fails my students.
    Tell me about the algorithms you applied when you took data from 16 students over a course of nearly five years of teaching and somehow used it to judge me as "below average" and "average".
Rhondda Powling

The Innovative Educator: The Contraband of Some Schools is The Disruptive Innovation of... - 1 views

    BYOT, Cell phones in Education, differentiating instruction, differentiating learning, free range learnng, student centered learning
Rhondda Powling

Differentiated Instruction | Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age - 8 views

    This post offers a long list of links to ideas for or about differentiated learning
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