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Rhondda Powling

Exploring Microsoft OneNote for Teaching and Learning - Emerging Education Technologies - 3 views

    "OneNote is a unique tool that makes it easy to gather lots of information in one place, and is great for collaboration, sharing, projects, group work, and much more. It is free for use in education, and is often included with MS Office "
John Pearce

Microsoft Word is cumbersome, inefficient, and obsolete. It's time for it to die. - Sla... - 3 views

    "Nowadays, I get the same feeling of dread when I open an email to see a Microsoft Word document attached. Time and effort are about to be wasted cleaning up someone's archaic habits. A Word file is the story-fax of the early 21st century: cumbersome, inefficient, and a relic of obsolete assumptions about technology. It's time to give up "
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