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Pris Laurente

Internet Censorship - It's Real | Do Something - 0 views

    Internet censorship is prevalent in countries with communism or other forms of domineering governments.
robert morris

OpenNet Initiative - 1 views

    Global internet censorship and surveillance
Alefiyah Shikari - 0 views

Internet Censorship Around the World

module3 participatory culture internet censorship open knowledge

started by Alefiyah Shikari on 11 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

How Chinese Internet Censorship Works, Sometimes - 2 views

    We have heard about creative ways to circumvent Internet censorship in China. But there are also creative ways to censor the peoples discussions and information on the net.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

From Book Censorship to Academic Peer Review - 0 views

    From Book Censorship to Academic Peer Review Mario Biagioli Together with tenure, peer review is probably the most distinctive feature of the modern academic system. Peer review, we are told, sets academia apart from all other professions by construing value through peer judgment, not market dynamics. Given the remarkable epistemological and symbolic burden placed on peer review, it is surprising to find that so little research has analyzed it either empirically (in its actual daily practices) or philosophically (as one of the conditions of possibility of academic knowledge).
mark Christopher

"Copy Me" episode 3: "Early Copyright History" - 1 views

    Alex writes, "It features censorship, hangings, dissent and criticism, a whole bunch of state and church control, angry queens, sad Stationers, and, of course, our terrible culprit: the printing press." Copy-me is the world's first ever animated web series about copyright, copying and open culture.

México: Partidos políticos aprueban ley que censura las redes sociales en Nue... - 0 views

    This is the second article. Censorship is endorsed under the argument of responsible use and cyberbullying. Where do you draw the line?
Kim Baker

The unknowing of public knowledge - 4 views

    "Even with abundant information and the removal of censorship, truth may not prevail. This the edited text of a plenary address to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Singapore, 20 August 2013. Journalists and librarians share a faith in the power of public knowledge, but the media are failing in their duty"
    I took this sentence from the article that I think is crucial: Public media must provide more than just "naked facts"; they must provide the resources for people to make judgments effectively.

How Facebook and Twitter control what you see about Ferguson - 0 views

    This was from back in August, but is again timely in light of recent events.

"Blocked on Weibo" - 0 views

    As we consider the opportunities and challenges around open knowledge on the web, I find it interesting to consider situation antithetical to such openness such as China. This blog highlights some of the words and phrases that have been blocked by the Chinese government on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, along with possible explanation for why they may have been blocked. The Chinese government employs over 2 million workers to monitor the internet in China. (
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