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Bo Adams

Designing for Learning - Modern Learners - 1 views

  • If we were really intent on improving learning inside the school walls, we would pay a lot more attention to how learning happens outside the school walls in the natural world and then build our practice based on that.
  • What do you want our children to be?” It is that question that needs to define everything about what a school is.
Meghan Cureton

Project-based Learning: Are You Focused on the Project or the Learning? - 0 views

    HT @akytle
Bo Adams

Manor Independent School District - 0 views

  • Whenever you have something innovative and that works, it is like a healthy freshwater fish. When you drop it into a traditional system, it is like dropping a freshwater fish into a saltwater tank. At some point, it dies. Part of the challenge as a district is to identify specific contaminants, the salt in the water. How do you start to turn that into fresh water? How do you create an ecosystem that fully supports and is aligned to implement with fidelity? What does it mean to have strong culture? That is a process, a very deliberate, conscious process.
  • One thing we did at the original New Tech was that we got rid of as many class periods as possible. Authentic work does not get broken down into 'Ok, we're going to focus on this area.' It was more holistic.
    HT Eileen Fennelly
Meghan Cureton

Why A School's Master Schedule Is A Powerful Enabler of Change | MindShift | KQED News - 2 views

  • He and a team of teachers set out to try to reconfigure how this big high school could structurally put student relationships with teachers at the center, and value mastery of content above all else.
  • ‘If we don’t match our minutes to our mission, [teachers are] not going to shift.’
  • biggest obstacles to instructional changes of the sort Smith and his team were trying to engineer was the school schedule itself.
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  • Our schedule is a function of what we’re trying to create
  • It’s sloppy, but hell, life is sloppy
  • They started with ninth grade
  • Changing is hard and when people get tired they will want to return to the status quo.
  • many schools start a school transformation project with energy and vigor, but when leaders run into outside pressures from the district or can’t pick their way through the complex system they run out of momentum.
  • That’s why it’s important not to toss away good teaching practices just because they’ve been around for years.
  • He doesn’t want it to become orderly because that’s not the natural state of human systems.
  • Individual success stories of students are what help keep him going.
Meghan Cureton

Time to Re-Think Design Thinking | Huffington Post - 0 views

  • Simply put, design thinking is not enough. True success comes from building a complete design system, and no organization can build such a system on design thinking alone
  • design thinking only has value when combined with design doing and supported by a strong design culture
  • successful design thinking must also include an element of making – early experience prototypes are important to validate thinking and align teams.
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  • Proponents of design thinking often get caught up in the methodologies (“how to get there”) versus the actual destination.
  • design thinking is just the beginning — a catalyst.
Bo Adams

Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box | Edutopia - - 0 views

    Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box @MDLEV @boadams1 @eijunkie @ChipHouston1976 @EmilyBreite HT @AKytle
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