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T.J. Edwards

Emergent Curriculum Design: Beginning with Shared Vision - 0 views

    Great protocol to use in house or in MVIFI consults work
Meghan Cureton

Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger - 0 views

  • The challenge is to rise above the distraction of the details and widen your field of vision. Try to see the whole world at once and make sense of it.
Bo Adams

Design thinking in the corporate DNA - Medium - 1 views

  • A common trap for us is to take something in its infancy and try to scale it big. Build it. Launch it. Move on. Well, it doesn’t work like that. Remember how long it took before you mastered design thinking? This isn’t something that you have people try once and then expect them to get it. It takes about six to 10 experiential, immersive, contextually relevant experiences before someone finally “gets” it and can make it their own. Eight years later, we’re still building this skill into our employees, one experience at a time.
    • Bo Adams
      Yep. I highlighted an entire paragraph. Why? Because this lesson is CRITICAL for schools and educational transformation within and among schools. We don't do enough "laps" with foundational things because people tend to say, "We've done that...I already do that..."
  • best advice I got from an SVP at the company was to stop wasting my time trying to find metrics to prove that Design for Delight was worth doing.
  • find the folks that are ready, willing, and happy to give it away.
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  • So, while you’re bringing design thinking capabilities into your company and empowering folks, don’t forget to use it on yourself, too.
  • The experience was so effective in helping the leaders understand how they get in the way that many went back to their teams to apologize and started removing barriers immediately. So, assume you can poke at those sacred cows.
    HT @MeghanCureton
T.J. Edwards

Stop Calling it A Personal Project - Dear Design Student - 1 views

    Read about the fine line between personal projects, passion projects, and self serving design junk.
Bo Adams

The Trailblazers - How Students Are Learning To Make Impact Design Better - Impact Desi... - 2 views

  • Impact Design Hub spoke with Sara Cornish and Josh Treuhaft, two graduates from the inaugural class of the School of Visual Arts’ Design for Social Innovation (DSI) program, a two-year, cross-disciplinary MFA program, which aims to teach students to address social challenges through systems-level design thinking and offers one of the first graduate degrees in this field.
  • Yeah, and I think there was an understanding that we were not only joining the program, but also helping to build it, which was really exciting. I remember that the interviews were so filled with anticipation. They told us, “This is going to be amazing. You’re going to be part of something that’s an absolute first. You’re going to help trailblaze the field.”
  • it was never explicitly about learning the way to design for social innovation. It was more about teaching a variety of different thought models, processes, and tools that you can use for various types of work relating to social impact. Ultimately, the program is about systems thinking and how things are connected to each other.
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  • Framing and strategizing and mapping is great, but at the end of the day, actually putting things in the world and seeing what they do is really important.
  • If you treat your thesis and your projects as real opportunities that could lead to some sort of impact or change and take it all seriously, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.
    So the question becomes: how do we get better at using design to create impact? An answer that has been gaining traction is education.
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