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Mike McIlveen

BBC Dimensions: How Many Really? - 12 views

    How Many Really? compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations to the people you know through Facebook or Twitter. You can also add your own numbers - for example, the amount of students in your class.

    Choose a story to get started.
John Evans

What's Special About This Number? - 13 views

    Facts about the numbers 0 - 9999
David Wetzel

10 Elementary School Math Teaching Tips - 2 views

    Teaching math to elementary students is critical for establishing a foundation of success in mathematics. There is a need for some basic memorization of facts, because students who do not memorize arithmetic functions struggle in upper grades.

    However, math must be fun and interesting, along with making connections with real-world applications.
Mike McIlveen

Modular Tree of Pythagoras - 0 views

    A novel method of generating all Pythagorean triples, interactive.
Mike McIlveen

More Animals Seem to Have Some Ability to Count: Scientific American - 0 views

    Funny, number sense isn't limited to humans. Monkeys and college students have it too.
George Spicer

Number line interactive - 5 views

    SUPERB! Place the numbers on the number line. Loads of levels. Negative numbers and decimals. Play against the clock for a score. My class's favourite warm up, useful throughout school from year 3 to year 6.
Colleen Young

NASA - Education Materials - Mathematics - 2 views

    Numerous resources
Rashmi Kathuria

Math Videos - 1 views

    Math videos show how to solve problems step by step.
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