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Ced Paine

Calculation Nation - Challenge others. Challenge yourself.™ - 0 views

    NCTM math games for K-12
Garrett Eastman

NCTM Catalog - Motivation and Disposition: Pathways to Learning Mathematics - 73rd Year... - 4 views

    Motivation and Disposition: Pathways to Learning Mathematics - 73rd Yearbook (2011) Product Description Daniel J. Brahier, Volume Editor and William R. Speer, General Editor "Teaching mathematics is a much broader endeavor than simply helping students to acquire skills and problem-solving strategies. ...NCTM's seventy-third yearbook examines such elements as the demographic composition of a school; the role of movies, television, and the Internet; and nontraditional pedagogy as means of promoting and influencing positive student and teacher dispositions." Of particular interest is Chapter 9 "What Motivates Mathematically Talented Young Women?," which evidently reports on high school girls at a summer camp. Available for .pdf download via purchase, or in a library:
Roland O'Daniel

Illuminations: Using Graphs, Equations, and Tables to Investigate the Elimination of Me... - 2 views

    Great set of lessons for modeling, recursive functions, real-life application from NCTM Illuminations. The lessons include not only context, but applets that help students visualize the situation and  mathematical model. 
Martin Burrett - 0 views

    This is a wonderful resource for teaching the area of 2D shapes. Move and resize the shapes to change the values. It's a great resource to use on an interactive whiteboard.
Mike McIlveen

Mathalicious - 21 views

    Scribd lessons, focused on understanding, aligned with NCTM middle school, Algebra 1 and 2.
Roland O'Daniel

Initial thoughts on "Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Ma... - 8 views

    "Initial thoughts on "Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making" The book study begins!" Book study post on the new NCTM Series "Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making"
Daryl Bambic

Illuminations: Welcome to Illuminations - 2 views

    Large collection of math activities, lessons, standards, and web links from the NCTM
Bradley Anderson

Problems Archive - 0 views

    Difficult math problems for middle school kiddos.

Illuminations: Activities - 0 views


Illuminations: Interactives - 0 views

    • angieelenis
      Math interactives 
Daryl Bambic

Illuminations: Weighing Your Car - 0 views

    In this lesson, students learn how to measure the area of the tire footprint on a car and to find air pressure using a tire gauge. Students then find the weight of the car using their fraction multiplication skills. Learning Objectives   Students will: Estimate weight of a large object Use a ruler and a tire gauge to take measurements Collect and record data Review square units of measure Calculate area by multiplying fractions Materials   Strips of poster board Ruler Tire gauge How Much Does a Car Weigh? Activity Sheet Computer with internet connection Car Instructional Plan In preparation for this lesson, place a car in a safe lcation for the students to measure the tire footprints and pressure. In case of bad weather, find a covered location. Be sure to measure the tire footprint and the pressure (in PSI) of each tire ahead of time, so that you will be able check the accuracy of students' measurements. Also, check the accuracy of your calculation by comparing to it to the weight of the car listed on the sticker inside the driver's door or in the vehicle manual. By the end of the day, data may change because air has leaked out of the tires while students were using the tire gauge. For safety, check the tires before driving home.
Roland O'Daniel

Census at School - United States - 5 views

    Census at School is an international classroom project that engages students in grades 4-12 in statistical problemsolving. Students complete a brief online survey, analyze their class census results, and compare their class with random samples of students in the United States and other countries.
Kristen Fouss

Top Ten Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Teaching - 0 views

    Good advice. It probably applies to introductory college teaching as well.
Cassie Banka

Free Math Worksheets, Video Tutorials, and more | - 0 views

    free worksheets and video tutorials.

Best Websites for Teaching Math: More Than 50 Resources! - 1 views

  • Engaging games, animated learning moves, and activities to encourage kids on their unique learning path.
    • oritocortez
      videos to show for math lessons
  • Math worksheets for just about any area of study.
    • oritocortez
      Great worksheets for maths
  • Figure This! challenges families to practice math together. It includes math games and challenges and even offers challenges in Spanish.
    • oritocortez
      fun activities for math
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  • Front Row allows kids to practice at their own level with more than 30,000 math questions covering all K-8 standards.
    • oritocortez
      practice math exercises
  • Excellent math tasks, videos, lesson plans, and curriculum modules available for free for teachers!
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