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Maria Rosario Di Mónaco

Educators / FrontPage - 0 views

    a pbworks wiki with lots of resources for education
David Wetzel

5 Strategies for Using Wikis in the Classroom: Engaging Students in Technology Projects... - 20 views

    Strategies are provided for taking advantage of Wikis to provide opportunities for students to collaborate with other students, share what they have learned, and become a centralized online resource for educators.

John Evans - 0 views

    free file hosting & sharing 5GB file size

    upload documents, videos, images, mp3s, ebooks, shareware
John Evans

Why Wiki? - 0 views

    Four part video course on wikis
gabriela rosso

educational-origami » Bloom's Digital Taxonomy - 0 views

  • Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

    In the 1990's, a former student of Bloom, Lorin Anderson, revised Bloom's Taxonomy and published this- Bloom's Revised Taxonomy in 2001. Key to this is the use of verbs rather than nouns for each of the categories and a rearrangement of the sequence within the taxonomy. They are arranged below in increasing order, from lower order to higher order.

    Drawing 2.  Bloom's  Revised Taxonomy
    Drawing 2. Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
Illya Arnet Tags: esl - 0 views

    I found this in the NECC 08 webcasts and it looks like a great source for educators. The idea is to make a social tagging platform like delicious (or diigo!) but have it only relevant to educators.
    I can also warmly recommend the webcast:
    Tuesday 11am -
Carla Arena

Voicethread 4 Education » home - 0 views

    wonderful wiki sharing voicethread examples around the globe.
Joao Alves

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: wiki - 0 views

    A lot about wikis here.
Carla Arena

k12learning20 » home - 0 views

    Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning
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