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Maths and tech specialists need Hippocratic oath, says academic | Science | The Guardian - 0 views

    "When Fry returned to London, she realised how mathematicians, computer engineers and physicists are so used to working on abstract problems that they rarely stop to consider the ethics of how their work might be used"
dr tech

Tech Jobs of the Future: What To Study If You Want a Cool Job Tomorrow - 0 views

    "If you're a student and looking to establish yourself in a field of study that has a bright future in the world of high technology, then you'll need the mindset of a futurist. Understanding the direction of technology will help you decide how you want to position yourself to succeed, and figure out exactly what you need to study to get there."

Find the ungoogleable with crowdsourced search engine - tech - 04 December 2013 - New S... - 0 views

  • THERE'S nothing like the human touch.
  • DataSift is new kind of search engine that uses crowdsourced human intelligence to answer vague, complex or visual questions, even when the users are not sure what they are searching for.
  • answered easily and quickly by human workers

Bitcoin flaw could threaten booming virtual currency - tech - 06 November 2013 - New Sc... - 0 views

  • Bitcoin contains a hitherto unnoticed flaw which threatens to upset the balance of the $1.5 billion economy built on the virtual currency.
  • Although groups form to share computing power and split the profits, what they receive is proportional to the resources they contribute.

Data trackers monitor your life so they can nudge you - tech - 07 November 2013 - New S... - 0 views

  • Once you know everything about a person, you can influence their behaviour.
  • The phones are tracking everywhere the students go, who they meet and when, and every text they send
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